DIY Plumbing Tips in Astoria, NY; Drain Cleaning for Minor Clogs, Unclogging a Toilet & More

Where someone can be given an opportunity to perform nearly any home repair because we live in an age where information is a click away, there are step-by-step tutorials and videos to help us. In an attempt to save money on labor and products, many of us opt for the DIY routine. Others, however, look forward to doing their own repairs and find a newly discovered hobby or they just simply want to take pride and ownership in their castle. Though there are tasks and projects around the home many homeowners can take on, people should be more selective with plumbing repairs. Today, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to offer some basic options for DIY plumbing and other tasks that should definitely be left to a professional.

Common DIY Plumbing Tasks

Though the tasks listed below are basic, and anyone who wants to put the effort into them is likely capable, if you do not feel comfortable, a professional is happy to help.
1) Drain Cleaning for Minor Clogs. Cleaning the drains can be done by the homeowner as long as they are maintenance steps or obstructions are minor. Prepare a solution of 2 parts vinegar and 1 part baking soda, ensuring the baking soda is fully dissolved. Pour it down the drain and flush with hot water. Contact a pro for major clogs.
2) Low Water Pressure from the Sink or Shower. Restoring the water pressure coming from the sink and shower faucet, cleaning the aerator is often all that is needed. A quick and painless step is unscrewing the end of the faucet or the end of the showerhead to remove the aerator (the small screen). Often to rectify the source of the low water pressure, be sure to rinse it off well if there is a small sediment clog. This is what you should look at first if there is low pressure, though there can be a number of reasons. If the issue continues, call in an expert.
3) Resetting a Garbage Disposal. To protect itself from overheating, the garbage disposal will shutoff, usually when there is something dislodged in the blades. Make certain you have cut the power to the garbage disposal and remove the debris from the blades. Restore power and find the reset button to activate it under the sink, at the very bottom of the garbage disposal. If it will not reset, call professional help.
4) Unclogging a Toilet. To help it seal around the drain opening, have your quality plunger equipped with the extra attachment on the bottom. Put as much effort into pulling up on the plunger as you do push down and maintain the seal and pressure.

Unclogging Drains & More in Staten Island, Maspeth, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Queens, NYC Boroughs, New York City NY

Major plumbing projects such as piping, valve replacing, fixture add-on, removal of major blockage in drains and other plumbing services are better done by expert plumber. For your professional plumbing services, call The Original $49.95 Plumber and let our experts do the rest. We will ensure your services are done safely and efficiently.

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