Sewer Camera Inspection in Hillside, NY; Collapsed Sewer Line, Cracked Pipe, Clog, Blockage & More

What are sewer inspections or video pipe inspections and how do they work? Any reputable plumber will use this technique when they diagnose sewer backups or sewer pipe damage. Sewer line cameras work to discover what is causing a blockage or backup within the sewer line pipe without having to dig your yard up. Sewer…

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Drain Gravity & Vent Systems in Terrace Heights, NY; Water & Sewer Supply Pipe Materials & More

Drain systems operate via vents and gravity. Vents equalize pressure, while gravity causes all that stuff to flow into the sewer, ultimately to a water reclamation plant and then into a river, lake or ocean. The entire process depends on naturally occurring phenomenon, gravity mostly and pressure equalization. Most all of those pipes that are…

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Troubleshooting Water Heating Freezing or Running Out of Hot Water During Cold Winter Weather in Jamaica, NY?

Many homeowners will often find they have more problems with their home’s water heater during the winter than during the summer. This often leads many to ask if the winter season is affecting their water heater. In short, the answer is yes. The cold winter season does indeed cause the water heater to work harder…

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