How Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Work & Why You Shouldn’t Use Them to Clear Pipes in Upper Manhattan, NY

Your first impulse might be to reach for the bottle of chemical drain cleaner under your sink when you have a stubborn plumbing clog to deal with. Unfortunately, relying on these chemicals has its risks that we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to stress today. What is the Function of Chemical Drain Cleaner?…

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What is a Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection in Upper East Side, NY? Why are Sewer Scopes for Clogs Worth It?

Minor clogs can be unclogged using hot water, a plunger and other DIY methods. However, there are other clogs that can occur in drain and sewer systems that will require the aid of a professional to remove the clogs. Often clogs can be difficult to locate and know exactly where in the drainage and sewer…

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