Cleaning Drain Pipes & Sewer Lines Help Prevent Plumbing Major Problems in Princes Bay, NY

For homeowners that experience drain or sewer clogs they quickly learn it can lead to a major mess and turn their home into a bio-hazard. To prevent clogs in your home’s drainage system, it is often recommended you maintain clean drains. As a homeowner, there are ways to help keep your drains clean. However, there…

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New York City Sewer System; Common Plumbing Drain Problems with Water & Sewer Lines in Maspeth, NY

In medieval Europe civil engineering had fallen from the high state of the Roman Empire. There where no sewers or drainage. Refuse, bed pans and all where thrown into the alleyways and left. The cities of Europe stank, and it is no wonder that disease was a constant companion of the urban environment of the…

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How to Prevent Hair & Food Waste from Clogging Drains in Hollis, NY; Shower Hair Catcher, Hot Water Flush & More

Many homeowners have to deal with clogged drains in New York. We really do not give the drains much thought concerning their function, let alone maintenance and preventative tactics, as we rely on the drains to take care of the water waste. Your kitchen and bathroom drains can quickly clog due to the residues and…

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