Water in Bottom of Dishwasher? Troubleshooting Why Water Won’t Drain & How to Unclog in Castleton Corners, NY

When your dishwasher is finished running a cycle, there shouldn’t be any water left in the bottom of the appliance. Sometimes, when you open the door and see a puddle of water, it can lead you to believe that the dishwasher wasn’t able to finish the cycle for one reason or another. If you run…

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How to Deep Clean a Garbage Disposal that Smells in Bull’s Head, NY; from Preparation to Final Flush

The kitchen sink is a common location for clogs. Most people rely on the garbage disposal to ensure the drain is efficiently operating. The garbage disposal is designed to grind waste to small pieces so it can drain properly. If the garbage disposal is not cleaned, odor-causing bacteria builds up and drains can become clogged.…

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How to Keep Hair Salon Plumbing Drains Clear in Pleasant Plains, NY; Hair Catchers, Proper Chemical Disposal & More

For most homeowners, keeping hair out of the drains is a daily struggle. Imagine how much more difficult it is for hair salons to keep their drains free and clear. This is a constant struggle for hair salons, so there are some tricks and tips that should be followed to lessen the struggle. The Original…

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