Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning; Unclogging Sinks, Drains & Toilets

The Original $49.95 Plumber supplies commercial businesses and residential homes with plumbing services throughout NYC and the five surrounding boroughs. We are completely licensed and insured to offer professional care at affordable prices. Our plumbers possess advanced training, years of priceless experience, and remarkable skills that are enhanced with the use of premium quality products and equipment exclusively offered to licensed professionals, to ensure our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results. With The Original $49.95 Plumber you can expect superior execution on all services rendered, friendly customer service, and high moral standards.

Unclogging Main Drain & Sewer Lines

The Original $49.95 Plumber offers drain and sewer line cleaning for the commercial and residential properties in NYC and the five surrounding boroughs. The drains within the building all lead through a network piping centralized to on area and that’s the sewer line leading to the sewer. Eventually these drains become obstructed with debris and if left uncleaned and neglected, these drains and sewer lines can experience leaks and severe backups. Daily activities and such causing theses pipes to backup are one of the primary reasons why homes and businesses are prone to flooding. If your home or business experiences problems, flooding can cause excessive and costly damage to structure, furnishings, flooring, other possessions and more all of which could have been averted with a simple drain and sewer line cleaning by The Original $49.95 Plumber.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Process

The Original $49.95 Plumber catering to commercial and residential customers takes care of your drains and sewer lines in NYC and the five surrounding boroughs with our drain and sewer line cleaning service accordingly:
– The Original $49.95 Plumber effectively removes the obstructions from your drain by the use of our highly advanced snaking procedure. Your drains will be easily restored back to its normal function and freed from the clogs that are prohibiting fluid drainage. The Original $49.95 Plumber is proficient at clearing out the debris buildup of grease, sediment, soap scum, sludge, and even root intrusions to ensure efficiently operating drains.
– The Original $49.95 Plumber if necessary we also additionally or go straight to the use of our high-pressure jetting cleaning equipment to flush and rinse away the remaining residues to guarantee the drains are clean and clear.
– The Original $49.95 Plumber concludes the service by mastering the in-pipe video inspection to confirm immaculate drains and pipes. Our experts make certain the drains and sewer lines are properly cleaned upon completion.

Why Does My Kitchen & Bathroom Sink & Toilet Keep Getting Clogged

There are a number of contributing factors that can lead to clogged drains and backup sewer lines in your NYC and the five surrounding boroughs commercial business or residential home, they can include the following:
– Hair is often the culprit clogging bathtub drains.
– Clogged toilet drains are a byproduct of improperly women’s flushed hygiene products.
– Daily activities causing debris to buildup over time.
– Excessive multi-ply toilet paper wads that are improperly flushed.
– Grease poured down kitchen drains can easily get clogged.
– Attempted disposed coffee grinds down the drain will contribute to obstructed drains.
– Children’s toys that have escaped down bathtub, toilet, and sink drains.
– Baby products such as wipes, diapers, etc. were attempted to be flushed.
– High volumes of food scraps attempted to be run through the garbage disposal can potentially lead to drains.

Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning; Unclogging Sinks, Drains & Toilets in Staten Island, Maspeth, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Queens, NYC Boroughs, New York City NY

If your commercial or residential drains and sewer lines are in need of a professional cleaning in New York City and the five surrounding boroughs, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today to get started!

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