Signs the Sewer Line is Clogged in Heartland Village, NY; Blocked Toilets, Slow Draining Sinks & More

A clogged sewer line is much worse, though clogged drains can be incredibly irritating. In order to keep your home safe and healthy, your sewer line is responsible for safely transporting your home’s wastewater away from your property. All of the waste leaving your home gets caught in your pipe when your sewer line becomes…

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Bathtub Won’t Drain But Tried Everything? How to Unclog a Drain Full of Hair, Soap Scum & More in Eltingville, NY

Bathtub drains commonly become clogged. Managing its way down the drain include hair, soap scum, and other debris. Unclogging the drains can be challenging. You can potentially get the bathtub drain unclogged with the steps below that The Original $49.95 Plumber prepared. What Do I Need to Unclog a Drain? To remove the clog, you…

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What Should You Look for when Buying an Older Home in New Dorp, NY? Sagging or Broken Pipes & More

When buying an older home you will want to know the condition and quality of the entire home. Often when buying a home, you will have a home inspector inspect the home and all of the different components or systems, including the plumbing system. However, a home inspector will only cover the basics. They will…

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