Sewer Camera Inspection in Hillside, NY; Collapsed Sewer Line, Cracked Pipe, Clog, Blockage & More

What are sewer inspections or video pipe inspections and how do they work? Any reputable plumber will use this technique when they diagnose sewer backups or sewer pipe damage. Sewer line cameras work to discover what is causing a blockage or backup within the sewer line pipe without having to dig your yard up. Sewer repairs and pipe replacements are not a simple fix. Sewer line cameras help homeowners avoid costly repairs without knowing for certain that their issue will be fixed when the work is complete. A plumber will use a tiny, flexible sewer camera that is attached to a snake-like cable. It will be fed through the sewer pipe until it gets to the cause of the problem. There is a radio transmitter on the camera that records the exact location of the problem and how deep it is from the surface. This information tells the plumber exactly where the blockage is and exactly what needs to be done to fix it. The Original $49.95 Plumber will outline some of the problems we can solve with a sewer line inspection.

Plumbing Problems that Can Be Identified with a Sewer Line Inspection

Almost any problem can be identified with a sewer line camera.
1. Tree root infiltration. Tree roots usually cause problems for pipes that are old and made of clay, cast iron, or other porous materials. Tree roots will always seek a source of water and when they find a crack in your sewer system, they will grow to it.
2. Cracked, broken or collapsed sewer pipes. As the camera makes it way through the system, the plumber will be able to determine if the pipe has shifted, collapsed, or become damaged in some way.
3. Sewer clog or blockage. Most of the time your pipes are in good condition, but if you’ve spent years sending things down them that should have gone in the garbage instead, you may have a buildup of gunk that will create a blockage.
4. Sag or belly in sewer line. When a part of your sewer system starts to sag, waste can become trapped in the bellied section and create repeat blockages.

Types of Sewer Pipe or Line Repair

After your plumber has discovered what the problem is, there are different ways to handle the issue. Traditional sewer repair and replacement can be done when the camera inspection has found that your sewer line is sagging, bellied or collapsed. A trench will be dug to open the sewer line and then the section causing the problem will be repaired or replaced. Even though this can damage areas of your property, it might be the best option. Trenchless sewer repair and replacement is a much less invasive and damaging way to go. First, small access points will be created to the damaged pipes. Then a cable will be inserted and pulled through following the existing line while pulling a replacement line into position at the same time.

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Drains that backup and puddles of sewage in your yard are signs that you have a clog within your sewer system or a damaged sewer line. Contact The Original $49.95 Plumber for a sewer camera inspection and plumbing repair.

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