Water in Bottom of Dishwasher? Troubleshooting Why Water Won’t Drain & How to Unclog in Castleton Corners, NY

When your dishwasher is finished running a cycle, there shouldn’t be any water left in the bottom of the appliance. Sometimes, when you open the door and see a puddle of water, it can lead you to believe that the dishwasher wasn’t able to finish the cycle for one reason or another. If you run the cycle a second time only to find the same result, you know that there is obviously a reason that your dishwasher isn’t draining properly. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to help you troubleshoot some of the potential issues that could be causing a dishwasher drain to act up.

What to Do when Dishwasher Not Draining

There are a few different things that could be causing your dishwasher drain to malfunction. Following are some of the first things you can try before calling your plumber to see if the problem can be solved on your own.
– Run the Garbage Disposal: When there is a significant amount of food sitting in your garbage disposal, it can cause issues with the dishwasher drain since the two pipes are connected. Sometimes all it takes is running the disposal to clear it out and get your dishwasher back on track.
– Clean Sink Air Gap: If you don’t have a disposal, there is a space called an air gap that is a small slotted cylinder installed by the faucet. If this is trapped by gunk, it will need to be cleaned as it can cause dishwasher problems.
– Wrong Detergent in Dishwasher: Dishwashers are designed to use a specific cleaner or tablets to clean your dishes in it. They are cleaners that won’t suds as they wash. If you happened to accidentally put the wrong detergent in the appliance, it can cause drainage issues.
– Clean Drain Basket: There is a drain basket located in the bottom of the appliance. It is responsible for catching large pieces of food and other debris that is found in the dishwasher during a cycle. This should be cleaned regularly to avoid draining issues.
– Check Dishwasher Hose: The drain hose that connects your dishwasher to the disposal or the air gap needs to be free of any kinking. You should check this for a kinking issue and make sure the hose is straight. You should also be checking this hose for any clogs that can sometimes happen. An easy way to do this is to blow through it. If the air moves easily, you are good to go.

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If you have checked all of the items listed above and are still having drainage issues in your dishwasher, you can call on the professionals at The Original $49.95 Plumber to help get your dishwasher draining again. We have the training and experience to deal with even the most complicated drain clogging issues so you can be back up and running in no time. Call us today!

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