What Should You Look for when Buying an Older Home in New Dorp, NY? Sagging or Broken Pipes & More

When buying an older home you will want to know the condition and quality of the entire home. Often when buying a home, you will have a home inspector inspect the home and all of the different components or systems, including the plumbing system. However, a home inspector will only cover the basics. They will check for leaks, corrosions, and the drains. But you do not know much more than that. To ensure the home plumbing system is in good condition, you may require the aid of a professional plumber to perform a video inspection. The Original $49.99 Plumber will share more details on video inspections, and some of the common problems discovered in older home plumbing systems.

What is a Camera or Video Plumbing Inspection?

Whereas most of the piping and plumbing systems are in the ground, walls, and ceilings you can not do a thorough inspection of the plumbing system. It can be impossible to know when a pipe is breaking, corroded, clogged, or you have the wrong types of pipe. Older homes are notorious for having improper or problematic piping in a home. To see your plumbing system you will need to be able to go inside the piping throughout the home and even in through the sewer system. A video inspection does just that. A plumbing service can come to the home and run a camera system throughout the home’s entire plumbing system. They will be able to find clogs, broken pipe, or even identify what types of piping was used in the home.

Common Plumbing Problems Discovered with Video Inspections

Sagging Pipes: Often in older homes the pipes can begin to sag which interferes with the drainage system. The water waste can become trapped in the area of the sagging and can lead to drainage problems. Sagging pipes need to be replaced to prevent drainage problems. If you wish to buy an older home that has sagging pipes, you will need to have the sagging pipes replaced.
Tree Roots in the Sewer Pipes: Older homes often have trees that have been growing on the property for a long period of time. The tree’s roots can grow around and into the pipe to get to the water. Tree roots can lead to sewer back ups and other drainage problems. When roots grow into the pipes it will require the pipes to be replaced and the roots cut back. Sometimes you must even remove the tree.
Broken Pipes: When inspecting an older home’s plumbing system it is common to discover the pipes are corroded and or broken. A broken pipe can lead to a leak, drainage problem, and water damage to the home. When a broken or cracked pipe is discovered it must be repaired to prevent water damage to the home.

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When you are buying an older home and if a home inspector discovers any problems or you want to ensure that there is no problem with the plumbing system, seek out a video inspection. The Original $49.99 Plumber provides video plumbing inspection and clog cleaning services. To schedule our services, contact The Original $49.99 Plumber today.

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