Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe in Douglaston, NY? Injuries, Pipe Damage & Other Hazards

When your drains are showing signs that they are developing clogs, many people will rush to the store and by a chemical drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaner has been used for years and can help remove clogs in your drains. However, have you ever considered how a chemical drain cleaner is clearing out a clog? Chemical drain cleaner is basically using chemicals to break down the clog. The next question you might ask, are those chemicals safe for your pipes? The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share why chemical drain cleaners are not the best option for cleaning out drains.

What Chemicals are Used for Drain Cleaning?

Most people are unaware that there are two major types of chemical drain cleaners. These two types of drain cleaners work slightly different from each other. The two primary types of chemical drain cleaners and how they work are:
• Oxidizing Drain Cleaner – This type of cleaner uses a combination of elements to remove clogs. There is nitrate that dissolves organic substances and also creates gas. The gases heat up and helps to remove grease and oils that may be causing clogs.
• Caustic Drain Cleaner – This type of cleaner uses hydroxide ions and alkaline, and together they create an intense amount of heat and also create a soapy material that helps move the blocking substances.

What are the Side Effects of Drain Clog Remover?

A chemical drain cleaner is not like a de-greaser used for stove tops that break down grease. A chemical drain cleaner uses a chemical reaction that could be dangerous. Both types of chemical drain cleaners have a chemical reaction to create heat that is needed to melt and break down the clog. When the chemicals mix together to create a sudden and extremely fast heat, that doesn’t sound like a good idea. There is a documented report that states a chemical drain cleaner causes about 3000 injuries each year. About 1/3 of chemical drain cleaners report injuries and burns to the surface of the skin. Some of the more dangerous ingredients in most chemical drain cleaners are:
• Sulfuric Acid which is a corrosive liquid that is capable of charring wood and other organic matter.
• Sodium Hydroxide which is another highly corrosive material that is designed to release a lot of heat.
Not only can chemical drain cleaners cause physical harm, but it can also damage the pipes. Repeated use of a chemical drain cleaner can lead to damage and weak points inside the pipe, and eventually the piping can break. Many drainage pipe replacements are due to chemical drain cleaners.

How Do You Clean a Drain without Chemicals?

When your drains become clogged do not rush out to buy a chemical drain cleaner. There are a number of chemical-free drain cleaning options. It is highly recommended to contact a professional drain cleaning service. They often provide camera inspections that can locate and determine what is causing the clog. They often use hydro jetting cleaning machines that don’t use any chemicals to clean out the clog. The drainage and sewer system will be much healthier when avoiding chemical based cleaners.

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