Are Drain Cleaners Safe to Unclog Drains in Rego Park, NY? Toxic Chemicals Damage Pipes & More

There are many things found in your drain that cause clogging. From hair to toys, any time your drain isn’t draining, it is frustrating. Most of the time, you just want to find something right away that can get your drain back up and running. This is why many people turn to drain cleaners to get the job done. They seem to be a great solution to your problem in theory. But while they may seem to be a cheap solution to your problem, The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to give you three reasons why you may want to pause before dumping that bottle down your drain.

Drain Cleaners are Made of Harsh, Toxic Chemicals

There is no beating around the bush here; liquid drain cleaners are made of nothing but harsh chemicals. If you are buying the generic version, which is much less expensive than the name brand stuff, it is even more toxic. They are so toxic in fact, that when you use them to clean your drains, they can be unsafe to even breathe in. You can cause injury to your eyes, throat and nose when they are inhaled. Looking even further beyond the risk of injury to yourself and your household, they aren’t safe for the environment either. These chemicals are most definitely going to be washed away with the water and make it to water sources. Also, when the bottles are thrown away, they are usually winding up in landfills. When this chemical makes contact with soil, it contaminates the soil as well.

Drain Cleaners Can Cause Damage to Your Plumbing Pipes

Have you ever wondered how these chemicals can break down and cut through even the toughest clogs? The chemicals are so harsh that they are doing more than breaking down the clogs found in your sink. They are also breaking down your pipes. The more you use these harsh drain cleaners, the more damage they cause to your plumbing system. In fact, they can eventually eat right through your pipes and leave you with a much bigger mess on your hands.

Drain Cleaners are a Temporary Solution

Beyond the reasons listed above, the biggest reason to avoid drain cleaners is the fact that they don’t always work. Even when they do seem to work, it is a temporary solution to your problem. Often, the blockage will quickly build back up when the problem wasn’t completely removed from your pipes. Also, when you don’t know what is clogging your drain, it is difficult to take any action at all. You could be dealing with a break or crack somewhere in your pipes that is causing the backup.

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