Are Sewage Backups Dangerous in Hollis, NY? Sewer Drain Unclogging to Prevent Health Risks & More

Having your home sewer line back up into your home isn’t just a nasty mess to clean, it is also dangerous. In the sewer there is used water from sinks, toilets and showers. This is essentially where all the filth goes. When the sewer backs up into your home, you can have days of waste flowing into your drains. In the waste there are a number of health concerns, including E coli. The Original $49.95 Plumber wants to warn homeowners about how dangerous sewer backups can be and why it is important to prevent sewer backups from occurring.

Health Risks from Exposure to Sewage After Backup

When a sewer line backs up it poses a threat to the entire household. It comes as no surprise to hear that sewage contains a great number of viruses, disease, and bacteria that is spread by the water as it floods. Every surface the sewage line touches is now contaminated. Within a short period of time airborne particles will begin to infest the air and now the home air is polluted. Waste water is full of toxins, fungi, and protozoans which is a microscopic parasite. There are an estimated two million reported illnesses due to exposure of sewage. Essentially the health threat of a sewer line backing up inside your home is very real. Following is a list of common bacteria found in sewage and how it can affect your health.
Acanthamoeba – Throat, Nasal, and Eye Infections
Various Coli – Diarrhea, Abdominal Cramps, and possible Death
Helibacter Pylori – Increased Risk of Ulcers
Leptospirsis – Vomiting and Muscle Pain or Soreness
Salmonella – Diarrhea and Cramping
Any one of these bacteria commonly found in sewage requires medical care right away. Sewer line back up must be prevented to prevent exposure to any one of the serious threats found in the sewage. If a sewage line backs up into your home, you will want a licensed clean team to come and clean the home or site of the backup.

Basement & Property Damage from Sewer Backup

There are a number of scenarios where contamination can occur. A pipe can burst or break due to a clog and the sewage begins to leak out and flow into the main sewer line. From there the sewage will travel to the sink, bathtubs and toilets and begin to spill out. Depending on how the backup occurs, your home may have serious damages. If carpets, rugs and even drywall are exposed to the sewage, they will need to be removed from the home. Not all surfaces can be cleansed. This means your home may need to be torn apart and the contaminated material removed and disposed of. The home will undergo major treatment to ensure the safety of the home.

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It is important to watch your home plumbing system. Never do anything that can cause a sewer line to clog and backup. Too often homeowners will pour grease down the drain, flush wrong items down the toilet, and pay no attention to the early warning signs of a future clog. Make sure to treat your sewer line right and watch for signs the sewer and drainage line need to be cleaned. If you need your sewer system inspected and cleaned to prevent hazardous sewer backups, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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