Causes of Clogged Shower & Bathtub Drains in Park of Edgewater, NY; Soap, Grease Buildup, Hair & More

It can seem like there are issues that come up when you are a homeowner with repairs and replacements that are needed. You might have a tripped breaker that needs to be reset, a window that has been broken or a leak in a pipe. There are lots that can be problematic and one thing that you should learn more about is what you can do to avoid some of these issues. The plumbing in your house has many aspects and can be found all over the home. There are lines in the bathrooms and kitchen to bring in good clean water. You also have lines to supply water to your appliances and drains that will take the water that has been used and send it down to the sewer. When you start to have your drains backed up it can be a problem and most of the time it is due to a clog in the line. There are some common reasons that the lines start to get clogged. The Original $49.95 Plumber outlines what could be clogging your drains.

Does Soap Clog Drains?

One of the main things that happen in your bathroom sink is cleaning your hands after you have gone to the restroom. You turn the water on and get some soap on your hands and start your washing process. That is why this first clog is one that people just cannot get their mind around. Soap is something that can start to cause a clog in the line. You might be thinking this cannot be true but it is. The soap that is a problem are usually bar soap that you keep on the side of the sink and use over and over again. Some people love this type of soap but it can be a problem when it comes to your drains. The bar soaps leave a film behind that can start to build up. You also might choose to drop the small bit of soap down the drain when it is too small to keep using. You want to switch over to a soft soap that pumps out and can easily move down the drain.

Food & Grease Buildup in Drains

When it comes to your kitchen the sink is a place that you set all your dishes when they need to be cleaned. The dishes can have some food particles on them as well as grease and oil. The reality is you might be thinking that you have a garbage disposal so you can drop what you want down and it should not be a problem. The issue is that you want to avoid loading your sink and garbage disposal and there are some things that will just cause a clog. Keep things such as eggshells, cooking oil, grease and large pieces of food out of the sink. You want to have a way to throw them out before the dish is placed in the sink. These things can cause the drain to clog.

Hair Clog in Drain

The next issue is when you have a lot of hair that is getting stuck down the drain. This can happen in your bathroom sink and even in your bathtub and shower. Hair is something that tends to wind around the drain and attach to the scum and other debris might be on the side walls. The hair will create a barrier and continue to collect more hair over time. At some point it can cause a full blockage which will need to be cleared out.

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