Collapsed Sewer Line in Kingsbridge, NY? How to Tell if Sewer Pipe is Leaking; Frequent Backups & More

The sewer line is the last piping system that all of the home water waste will run through. The sewer line will lead either to the home’s personal leech field or to the city sewer drainage system. A lot can go wrong with a sewer line such as clogs, tree roots that have broken the pipe, or the sewer may have collapsed. It can be very hard to determine when a sewer line collapses. Often a video sewer line inspection is conducted to see the problem. However, there are some signs to look for to know if the sewer line has collapsed. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share some of the common signs of a collapsed sewer line.

Frequent Sewer Backups

When a sewer line has collapsed it forms a “u” shape somewhere in the piping. Due to the “u” shape water will drop down but not flow up and outward toward its point of exit. As a result, whenever the shower, dishwasher, or toilet is used, water waste will come up and out. In most cases the toilet will backup first, bringing up a lot of the waste that went down the toilet. Sometimes backup will also occur in the shower or bathtub drain. Backup will bring in hazardous waste water back into the home, creating a bio-hazard right inside your home. When backups occur they are either due to a clogged sewer line or the line has collapsed. To know which one is the actual problem, a sewer inspection is often done to see the cause of the backup.

Multiple Drain Clogs

Do you have more than one drain in the home that is clogged? Are the clogs widespread throughout the home? When almost all of the drains in the home will not drain, you may think they are clogged. However, the drainage system throughout the entire home simply doesn’t clog all at once. When you have multiple clogs this is because the sewer line collapsed or possibly has a clog. Along with multiple clogs, your drains may even make strange sounds and emit nasty odors. The toilet may even begin to bubble from time to time. With clogs, and odd behavior from your plumbing system, you most likely have a collapsed sewer line versus a clogged one.

Grass Grows Greener

Sometimes when a sewer line collapses it will make a “u” and eventually snap and break. All of the water waste will begin to saturate the surrounding ground. As a result of a broken sewer line, the grass or surrounding landscape will begin to grow like crazy. The ground will eventually become mushy and the yard may even begin to smell bad. One good side of a broken sewer line is that it makes locating the point where the pipe collapsed far easier to find. Simply dig up the soaked ground.

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When a sewer line collapses, breaks, or becomes clogged, in order to know the location and proper means to fix the problem, the sewer line will need to be inspected. The Original $49.95 Plumber can help perform sewer line inspection and clear any clogs. To schedule a sewer inspection contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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