Difficult Plumbing Problems in Long Island City, NY; Clogged Drain, Leaking Faucet & More

Maintenance is a never-ending responsibility for homeowners. To keep everything in the home operating efficiently and smoothly takes a lot of work and dedication. The plumbing system is no different. When it comes to the plumbing however, the repairs are to be expected, but there are common repairs professionals see that can be avoided. We at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to briefly elaborate on these common issues and how to avoid them.

Clogged Drain

Designed primarily for the passage of liquids, the plumbing system’s drains can be easily clogged. Other debris can find its way into the drain, causing clogs, which can be a challenge to remedy in some instances. In the kitchen, use your garbage disposal and sink strainers and shower drains use hair stoppers. You can avoid many clogs with a little preventative measure.

Leaking Faucet Handle or Spout

A big waste of water and money are faucets that drip or have a continuous leak. To ensure that the washers that seal your pipes are properly tightened and not damaged, periodically conduct an inspection, ideally at the start of each season.

Overflowing Toilets

Flushing the toilet and seeing the bowl continue to fill, one of the most anxiety-inducing plumbing issues you may face. This issue could be costly and keeps you from having access to your facilities at home. Make sure to read the label on all products before you flush and keep the area around your toilet clear of your accessories.

Toilet Running Intermittenly

A toilet that continues to run, is the exact opposite of an overflowing toilet. A sign of leak is having a running toilet. By regularly checking your fill valve as well as the water level in your tank can help you ensure that all components are functioning properly and in the correct positions to avoid this plumbing complication.
Low-Water Pressure: Low-water pressure is an annoyance most homeowners endure. A source inside your home or one that involves the municipality in which you live can be the result of this inconvenient dilemma. Reducing the number of appliances and fixtures can help improve water pressure.

Leaking Pipe Joint

Moisture and flood damage can be a direct result of leaky pipes and the eventual development of more expensive problems. Especially before the beginning of the winter season, your pipes need routine inspections and maintenance services to avoid leaks and severe consequences.

Crowded Plumbing Fixtures

It is never a good idea to overburden an area with too many pipes or fixtures. Not only is it more difficult for you or a professional to properly maintain or repair issues by hindering the capabilities of reaching the targeted areas or allowing room for tools, but it can make the issues develop in the first place. If it gets overwhelmed, consider a remodeling or renovation to improve the space and efficiently allow for a more functional system.

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