Drain Pipe & Sewer Line Camera Inspection & Locating Plumbing Technology in Edgemere, NY

When conducting business and deciding on a specialty it is necessary to be not only savvy but have access to the specialized tech. Being drain specialists means we have to all the specialized high-tech equipment, training and expertise. The specialists at Original $49.95 Plumber have the expertise and equipment to handle most drain and sewer problems.

Old Cast Iron Pipes

As infrastructure ages and breaks down numerous problems arise that need attention. Most older drains were cast iron, and anything made of cast iron that is 30 years or more in age will begin to require attention. As corrosion sets in it is only a matter of time before we will see problems arise concerning blockages.

Drain Pipe Slope Formula

Drains are laid at between at a ΒΌ inch drop per 12 inches of run. That is the minimum. Maximum is 3 inches per 12 inches. The ideal is to provide adequate flow without leaving any solids. If the water is shed too rapidly in can drop solid waste in the pipe. This can build up to a restriction causing the drains to become plugged. If the slant of the pipe is too shallow the water and solids may not drain at all.

Best Water & Sewer Pipe Material

Steel and cast-iron pipe is susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, these pipes have a determinate life span before replacement. Metal pipe is still good for high pressure lines, but the material of choice is PVC or polyvinylchloride. ABS used to be the drain material of choice, but PVC has proven to be superior. Style encountered is ceramic clay pipe.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Cleaning is done according to the drainpipe material. Spinning, sharp blade type ends can chew up PVC and ABS plastics. So, screw type heads are preferred. Using water under pressure is an option. Hydraulic forces can be used to blow-out the obstructions.

Drain Pipe & Sewer Line Camera Inspection

A picture is worth 1,000 words or so the saying goes. But when diagnosing draining problems, it can provide very detailed information. Fiber optic waterproof cameras can be snaked down the drain to view obstructions and other artifacts like pipe condition, tree root invasion and other problems. The camera surrounded by LED lights to provide illumination. The pictures can be stills or video captured at the standard of 30 frames per second. Using color, a lot of detailed information can be gathered. Color provides more information than monochrome (black and white). The problem is capture and storage. Most video formats are based on MPEG compression logarithms while stills are captured as jpeg. The cameras have coil counters so that they can record the distance to an obstruction. Most cameras offer up to a 100-225 feet of cable. The cable has wire to provide power for the LEDs and the camera and there is a data line that feeds the image down the cable. Most home or small business systems are inspected by push systems, but for larger pipes the camera end is mounted on a wheeled or tracked powered chassis allowing motorized mobility. The are even machines that use what amounts to ground penetrating radar or sound to locate buried cables and pipes.

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The technology available today would make those plumbers of the early and mid 20th century green with envy. One can never underestimate the impact that technology has with nearly every professional endeavor. If you are having drain problems, contact The Original $49.94 Plumber and one of our technicians can come out and have a look-see.

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