House Smells Like Sewage in Far Rockaway, NY? Bad Smell from Bathtub, Shower, Sink & Washing Machine Drains

When you walk into your bathroom or are doing dishes and you are suddenly hit with a nasty smell, you might realize it is coming from the drain. When in the kitchen it is normal to discover nasty smells coming from the sink as a lot of food and grease is trapped in the garbage disposal. The bathroom sink has a number of different substances that are flowing down them. The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share the different odors that come from your home’s drainage system and what these odors can mean for the future health of your plumbing system. There are many different odors that come up and out of the home drains. However, as the odors can vary, so will their causes. Depending on the type of odor that you smell it can indicate how to properly remedy the problem.

Smelly Bathroom Bathtub, Shower & Sink Drains

When in a bathroom if you can smell the odor of rotten eggs coming out of the drain this is caused by bacteria that is growing inside the drains. When there is odor inside the drain in the bathroom, whether it is coming from the sink, the bath tub or shower drain, it is a sign of a partial blockage. Not all of the waste is flowing out of the drain and now bacteria has begun to develop. You can first attempt to clean the drains yourself. However, often hair is clogging the drain and needs to be cleared out.

Laundry Room Washing Machine Drain Smells

Is your laundry room a bit smelly? When there is a musty smell in the laundry room it is most likely coming from the discharge hose drain. Think about all of the dirt, food particles and other contaminates your wash machine removes from your clothes. All of it is flowing down the discharge hose drain. At times the hose can become a bit plugged up and may need to be cleaned. Sometimes you can use a compressor to push the blockage out or you may need the entire line cleaned.

Kitchen Sink Drain Smells Bad

When the kitchen sink or dishwasher smells and has the odor of rotten meat or rotten eggs, then the odor developing in your kitchen could be coming from the garbage disposal or within the pipes. Too many people pour grease and large food chunks down their kitchen sink. The grease traps the food where they then must decay inside the pipes. This is often the cause of the odors. The odor can help warn you that grease and food is trapped inside the drain and needs to be removed before the entire system clogs.

Smells Like Sewage Inside My House

If you are getting a sewage odor coming from all of the sinks and drains in your home this is a sign of a major disaster. There may be a clog in the main sewer line and it is on the verge of backing up into the home. When all of the sinks and drains smell in your home, contact a plumber immediately to inspect your sewer line and see if it needs to be cleaned out.

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Some smells can be easily cleaned with hot water and vinegar being poured down the drains. However, odor can point to a more serious problem. If you need a sewer or drain inspection and cleaning contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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