How Do I Stop My Bathroom Sink from Clogging with Hair, Soap & More in Tottenville, NY?

It’s a terrible moment when you are trying to use your sink and it is taking the water forever to drain. You still need to use the sink but it is too full. Now you have no choice but to sit there and wait for the water to go down slowly. Sometimes it seems like it isn’t even moving. The Original $49.95 Plumber wants to help you understand what can cause your sink to clog and what you can do to fix it.

What Dissolves Hair in Sink Drain?

If you have someone in your house with long hair, then the chances of your drain being clogged with hair is probably pretty good. If this happens there are quite a few things you can do to help remove the hair. You can remove the hair with long tweezers or a zip-it tool. A zip-it tool is a drain tool that is a thin stick of flexible plastic with tiny barbs that go up and down the sides with a little handle so you can pull at the top. You can get this and try to get the hair out from the drain of the sink. A great idea is to get a bathroom sink hair catcher/strainer. Once the sink is clean of hair then get one of these to help catch the hair in the future.

What Breaks Down Soap in Plumbing Pipes?

Soap scum can build up in your pipes over time and foster mold. You can try getting rid of it by pouring boiling water down the drain and then plunging the drain. Baking soda and vinegar poured down the drain works great for dislodging the soap scum also. If neither of those have worked and your sink is still draining slow call The Original $49.95 Plumbing for a drain cleaning.

Object Stuck in P-Trap of Sink

Sometimes things get down your drain that you didn’t intend to get washed down. The only way you can retrieve the object and prevent a clog is to disconnect your bathroom sink p-trap. Doing this will help you remove any large items that may have gotten stuck. If you don’t feel comfortable with this task, call The Original $49.95 Plumbing. We will come out and help you get the item out.

Do Old Corroded Plumbing Pipes Needs to Be Replaced

If you have rust and corrosion in your pipes this can lead to a slow draining and potentially create a clog. You can plunge or snake the pipes. This can work for temporary relief but eventually, you will have to call a professional plumber. The Original $49.95 Plumber can replace these old and rusted pipes. We can come out and put new pipes in making your sink drain fast and smooth.

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You never want to have to wait for your sink to drain or worry because it isn’t draining. Following these few tips by The Original $49.95 Plumber can help you have a fast-flowing drain. But if you need more help or don’t feel comfortable following these suggestions, give The Original $49.95 Plumbing a call and we will gladly come out and help.

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