How Often Should You Clean Out Your Sewer Line in Floral Park, NY? Need for Video Camera Plumbing Inspection & More

Most homeowners will call out a plumber to clean out their sewer lines when a clog develops. As clogs can occur simply by having the wrong thing go down your drains, most major blocks or clogs can be prevented with regular sewer line cleaning. You do not have to wait until you have a clog to have your sewer lines cleaned out. Just a regular sewer line cleaning can help prevent clogs. However, too frequent sewer line cleanings may be a sign of a bigger problem. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share how often you should have your sewer line cleaned, and the signs of potential problems.

How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Washed?

As a homeowner, you probably prefer to prevent problems. If so, maintenance is key. This is true for your car, HVAC system, electrical system and even your sewer lines. To prevent clogs or worse, back-ups from your sewer line, you will want to have your sewer line cleaned about every 18 to 22 months. With regular cleaning you should not experience any problems with your draining or sewer lines. If you discover you are having problems like a slow drain, gurgling, or water backing-up when the dish washer or laundry machine is running, you need another sewer line cleaning. However, needing your sewer line cleaned before 18 months is odd and points to another problem with your drainage or sewer lines.

How Does a Video Camera Plumbing Inspection Work?

If you have to have your sewer line cleaned again and before the 18 month period, you will want to schedule a plumbing video inspection. A plumbing or sewer video inspection sends a small camera down that snakes through the pipe seeking out potential problems. The video feedback not only can show what is wrong but where. Below are some of the problems a video sewer line inspection has revealed.
Tree Roots: If you find you need another sewer cleaning and the plumbing service decides to do a video inspection, often they find a bigger problem. Tree roots can grow around or into the pipes directly. The tree roots can break or clog the sewer pipe which is why it seems you need frequent sewer line cleanings.
Bellied Pipe: A bellied pipe is a term that describes a sagging pipe. A sagging pipe can eventually break. In addition, it also traps water and other waste that runs through the sewer line. Where the sagging section of the pipe can be cleaned out and temporarily restore your sewer line, it won’t take long before you need it cleaned out again.
Grease Build-Up: When homeowners pour grease down their drain you are asking for drainage problems. Grease accumulates and the buildup forms clogs. The grease can be cleaned out, but if the homeowner continues to pour grease down their drain, they will need the line cleaned out again and more often than normal. To prevent clogging your sewer line or drainage system, avoid pouring grease down the drain.

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A video inspection can help reveal problems as well as how the problem needs to be corrected or repaired. Depending on what the video inspection shows, the plumbing service will better know how to clean out your sewer lines. For sewer and drainage line inspection and cleaning services, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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