How Often Should You Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned in Unionport, NY? Plumbing Clog Line Inspection

When it comes to home maintenance, often the sewer and drainage system is left neglected. There are many people out there who have a tendency to think they only need their sewer line cleaned when there is a problem. However, sewer lines should always be kept clean to prevent a major disaster from occurring inside their home such as sewer back-ups. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share exactly how often homeowners should have their sewer line cleaned.

Sewer Line Inspection

To prevent any major clogs, most professionals will recommend you clean your sewer line every 18 to 22 months. However, most professional plumbing services will always start with an inspection first. Plumbing services use a camera that is snaked through the sewer system to see if there are any signs of buildups or future clogs. If the camera reveals that there is no need to clean the sewer line, the homeowner can be saved the cost of an unnecessary sewer cleaning. However, many homeowners will find they require sewer cleaning more often than they realize.

Causes of a Clogged Sewer Line

There are a number of different elements that can clog a sewer line and often they will give some warning signs. Roots often pose a major problem for sewer lines. Roots can grow around a pipe, contouring or breaking the pipe. Roots are often found during video inspections. Root damage isn’t an easy fix. The damaged piping, along with the roots will need to be removed and new piping needs to be replaced. Another sign of piping problems that is discovered during the video inspection is bellied piping. When a video inspection shows sagging pipes it will cause water and other mass to collect where the pipes sag. Over time the pipes will clog and the sewer will back up. Sagging pipes must be replaced as well as there is no easy repair methods. Still, as long as the sewer pipes have received regular cleaning, it will help prevent clogs from forming. Another element that homeowners need to avoid is grease. Grease is one of the leading causes for sewer clogging as grease captures particle in the water where they will slowly build up over time. If the homeowner is guilty of pouring grease or oily substances down their drain, it is essential to have routine sewer cleanings.

Signs of a Clog in Sewer Lines

Some common signs that the sewer piping has a clog are sewer backups where water will come out of toilets and drains. You may also hear a gurgling sound that comes from the pipes. For homes with basements, you may also see water around the floor drains. Another common sign there is a clog is when you are using the washing machine and water will come up the bathtub or shower drains. There may also be multiple reoccurring clogs that happen throughout the home and not just in one drain. Two other classic signs that there is a clog is slow drains and a sewer odor.

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As a good preventive measure you should call The Original $49.95 Plumber to clean your sewer lines every 18 months or so. If you are experiencing problems more often than that, you may need to call us to schedule a video inspection of your pipes. For sewer line cleaning and video inspections, cleaning and more, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber and schedule our services today.

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