How to Keep Restaurant Drains Clean in Mariners Harbor, NY; Use Hot Water, Keep Grease Traps Clear & More

When you are in charge of the kitchen at a restaurant, there are many things that you are making sure are running smoothly almost constantly. Any small hiccup, and it can bring production to a screeching halt. One aspect of the kitchen that is often overlooked are the drains. This part of the kitchen can cause serious problems when they aren’t maintained well. Proper drain care is essential to a smooth operation in a restaurant kitchen. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to share some tips to help you keep your restaurant drains clean.

Keep Grease Traps Clear

Your drains have grease traps to stop materials from going down the drain that could cause problems. Substances like oils and fats can cause issues with your drains, and it’s best to keep them out completely. It is important that you are having your grease traps pumped on a regular basis. This will depend on how much grease you are disposing of, so it’s different for everyone. Find an interval that works for you and the needs of your kitchen.

Naturally Clean Your Drains

When you do experience a clogged drain, hold off on grabbing that chemical drain cleaner. Sometimes these harsh chemicals can do more harm than they can good. Instead, try using more natural ingredients like a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to get the gunk out of the drains. If you have a bad odor coming from the drain, you can use hot water and bleach to get rid of them.

Keep Food Scraps Out of the Drain

Don’t let your kitchen staff clean off the plates in the sink. They should be scraped off in the trash first. Even small amounts of food and debris can cause drain problems. If you are having issues with this constantly, you may want to invest in some sort of drain screen that will keep large debris from making its way into the drain. This can save you from problems with clogged drains down the road.

Use Hot Water

If it seems like you have some clogging that is starting to occur, you can usually nip it in the bud by running scolding hot water down the drain. If it is oils and fats that you are dealing with, the hot water will usually liquify the content so that it isn’t trapped in your drain, causing a clog. Even the most vigilant kitchens will have a certain amount of oil and grease that makes its way to the drain, and this is a good trick to keep that in check.

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