Signs of a Plumbing Problem in Brooklyn, NY; Wastage of Water, Mold, Clogs, Major Repairs & More

Hearing the faucet drip, seeing the toilet running constantly, letting the bathtub clog drain on its own time, and other seemingly minor plumbing dilemmas are nothing that should be ignored. When the plumbing problems get worse, even the issues that seem trivial should be addressed. There might be good reasons as to why you are postponing the needed repair for your plumbing, however, no matter if it is a tight budget, or a busy daily schedule, you should never hesitate call a professional plumber, otherwise you can be increasing the problems surrounding the initial issues. Though it is a minor inconvenience, the clogs, leaks, or plumbing malfunctions should get the attention it requires, or the small issues might cost you more than you think. Below are just a few reasons as to why you should take care of plumbing repairs as quickly as possible that we at The Original $49.95 Plumber have listed below.

Wastage of Water

Though the drippy faucets and leaky pipes may be so miniscule compared to other priorities, but you do need to think of how these issues affect the water bill. Simply by repairing water leaks, according to the EPA, homeowners can cut their monthly bills by 10%. Putting of the drips and leaks not only wastes water, but it will also waste your money every month when the bill comes.

Growth of Mold & Mildew Due to Plumbing Problem

Not only will the plumbing leaks make you pay for it on the water bills, but it can affect the health of your family. Mold and mildew growth can be promoted with the excess moisture accumulating around the sinks, tubs, and toilets. Exposure the mold and mildew growth lead to respiratory problems and irritation of the throat, eyes and skin. Those that suffer from allergies and asthma are agitated with the exposure. Also, the structural materials around the leaks will rot and the integrity breaks down.

Sizable Plumbing Repairs

Small plumbing issues can grow much worse when they are left ignored for too long. ] For instance, the drippy leaks evolve into a trickle, or the clogs buildup with so much pressure that the pipes with burst. In a nutshell, or the cost of calling for a professional plumber may seem like a luxury expense, you ignore the minor problems they will eventually become major plumbing repairs down the road and be far more costly.

DIY VS Professional Plumbing

Where there are definitely some plumbing issues that can be taken on as a DIY project, the ones that are beyond your skillset will also cost you more down the road. Attempting plumbing installations, replacements, or repairs that you are uncertain about will likely cause lead to corrosion or even pipe failure. In any case, do not be too proud or try to save a few dollars on something you simply do not have the training to do and call in a pro.

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