Tips to Unclog & Clean the Pipe Build Up in a Smelly Bathroom Sink or Bathtub / Shower Drain in Jamaica, NY

As you get in the shower to get ready for your day nothing is worse than the water slowly rising rather than draining down. This is a sign that your drain is clogged and that you need to do something to clean it out. The drains in your house take on water, dirt, soap and hair that will over time start to create a sludge that will back up the drains. You want to make sure that you do what you can to clean the drains before they become a major backup. The cleaning of your drains is something that many people are not sure how to care for. If the drains have a major clog or you are unable to clean them out you want to contact a professional to do the job for you.

The Original $49.95 Plumber Some Homemade Cleaners & Methods to Unclog Drains

Hot Water Can Help Unclog Drain: There are two ways to use heat when trying to clean your drains. The buildup that you are likely dealing with is from soap and dirt that can be removed with some heat on many occasions. You can start with turning on the faucet to the sink that you are cleaning and let it run on the hottest setting. You want to allow the water to run for about 15 minutes to let the steam and water work on the drain. This is often enough to take care of the buildup before it becomes too thick. The other way that you can use heat is by closing the drain and using hot water in the sink that is filled. The full sink should be all the way filled with hot water. Then you can open the drain quickly and allow a large blast of hot water to hit the drain all at once. This can help to open a clog that might be blocking the drain.
Air Pressure Drain Cleaner: You might have a clog that is a little thicker than your average clog and that will require some pressure behind the water. The water filled sink is one way to do it but if you need more you can use your plunger. You want to fill the sink with some water and use the plunger to push the water through. The pressure is a great way to push the water that will many times break apart the clog and open the drain back up. You want to be careful doing this so that a pipe is not broken in the process.
Unclog Drain with Salt, Vinegar, Baking Soda & Other Homemade Cleaners: You may think that chemical reactions are a too harsh of a product to use but you can create what you need with some household products. The products are baking soda and vinegar that are used in lots of kids science experiments. That same reaction when you mix them is what can break apart a clog that is stuck on your drain. It is also a great way to break apart the sludge that is built up around the sides of the pipes as well.

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