What Do Professional Drain Cleaners Do in Upper Manhattan, NY? Diagnose & Clear Clogged Drains

They can also pose a hazard to your health and lead to property damage if left unaddressed; clogged drains are not just an inconvenience. If plunging fails, it is time to call for professional drain cleaning service as attempting to clear a clogged drain with a plunger is a good first step for any homeowner to attempt but doesn’t always fix the issue. To quickly determine the cause of any plumbing system blockage and remove it without risking further damage to your drainpipe or home, your local drain cleaning services company has the tools and experience necessary. In addition to solving your issue over the short term, professional drain cleaning services will provide cleaner, healthier drains that will perform better over the long term as well. Today, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to offer some basic generalization of what to expect with professional drain cleaning service.

How Do You Diagnose a Clogged Drain?

When organic debris such as food scraps, skin cells, hair, soap scum, and dirt and other particles accumulate inside your drain lines, most clogs form. Naturally occurring minerals in your water can also cause buildup on pipe and drain walls over time, further increasing the risk of a clog if your home has hard water. Larger or tougher clogs need professional plumbing service to remove properly, though plunging can effectively break up loose or forming clogs. The type of drain with the issue, and the condition of the drain, the first step in any professional drain cleaning service is an assessment of the problems you are experiencing.

Plumbing Drain Inspection

A video camera is one of the most essential tools in the plumbing sector. To inspect sewer lines and other underground pipes, such as those under cement or below your home’s foundation, using visible light, plumbing experts may use specially built waterproof video cameras. With a high-resolution video camera on its tip into your sewage lines to start your sewer camera inspection, a trained and experienced technician inserts a rod. In addition to inspecting pipes and pipe walls, these high-tech drain cameras are mobile, able to travel through twists and turns in sewage lines. Your plumber can evaluate the inside of your sewage and drain lines right away after the technician is able to observe the video footage in real time. They will be able to see any issues on a screen and save video for future reference.
Removing the Clog. Our drain clearing experts will get to work once we have identified that a clogged drain is your issue.

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There are different ways to remove drain clogs that include drain sinking, drain auger, and Hydro-Jetting. Generally, the plumber will execute the proper method needed for removing the clog. When it comes to drain cleaning the Greater New York area, the experts at The Original $49.95 Plumber can ensure the right method is used for long-term results. We specialize in drain and sewer cleaning services. Our experts have the training, experience, and skills as well as have advanced equipment and premium products to deliver quality results.

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