What Happens when You Use Oxidizing or Caustic Chemical Drain Cleaner in Edgemere Houses, NY?

There is no way around it, when you have a clogged or slow working drain, it is frustrating. Many frustrated homeowners will often turn to chemical drain cleaners in a moment of weakness and frustration. However, you should avoid these cleaners. They can cause damage among other issues. There are a few different reasons you want to shy away from using chemical drain cleaner on your clogged drains. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to talk about these chemical cleaners and what makes them so bad.

Types of Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are two different types of drain cleaners out there, oxidizing and caustic. Following is the difference between the two.
– Oxidizing: In this cleaner, nitrates are used to dissolve the organic matter that is causing your pipes to be clogged. This is done with intense gas and heat that will get rid of any grease and help the clog move on down the pipe.
– Caustic: This type of drain cleaner uses a combination of hydroxide ions and alkaline chemicals to come together and create heat that will change the blockage into a soapy mess that can more easily move down the pipe.

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe?

The problem with these chemical drain cleaners is the chemical reactions that take place when they are used. Anything that can simply melt something away can’t be a good thing, right? You have to be incredibly cautious when using these cleaners as coming in contact with your skin can be dangerous. Not only are they dangerous to your skin, but they are also doing a number on your plumbing as well. There are two different ingredients that make them particularly harmful, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. While they won’t melt your pipes the first time you use them, continued use over time will slowly eat away at your pipes. However, if the drain cleaner fails to remove the clog from your drain, damage happens much faster as it sits in the pipe. If anything, it makes your pipes more susceptible to leaks.

What Will Unclog a Drain Fast Naturally?

Before you reach for that drain cleaner, there are better ways to handle the situation. If you have an occasional clog, you can remove it using a drain snake. If you have deeper clogs, you need to call on a professional to help you remove it without causing any damage to your drains.

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