What is Bad to Flush Down the Toilet & What Should Never Go Down the Drain in Heartland Village, NY?

It might seem like anything you flush down the toilet or put in your garbage disposal will just disappear and be out of sight. However, when you’re putting the wrong things in your household plumbing, it can lead to bigger issues down the road. There are several things that you should never allow down your drains or in your toilet. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to talk about all of the items that you should avoid putting in your household plumbing, ever.

What You Should Avoid Putting in Your Household Plumbing

There are several things that will cause you real headaches when you put them down your plumbing. Whether it is in your kitchen drains or the toilets in your home, there are som items that just don’t belong there.
– Flushable Kitty Litter: While it might say flushable on the box, you should never put kitty litter of any kind, flushable or not, in your household plumbing. It will not only cause problems for you in the drains of your house, but it will also cause problems in the septic system. The bacteria isn’t easily broken down by the chemicals and will make its way back into the water supply to your home.
– Eggshells: Even when you have a garbage disposal that is strong enough to completely crush eggshells, you should not put them down the sink. They can easily get stuck inside the grease and fats that start to accumulate in your drain pipes.
– Coffee Grounds: You should never put coffee grounds in your sink drain. This is usually one of the most common causes for clogged kitchen drains because homeowners often think that the grounds are small enough to not cause problems.
– Produce Stickers: Harmless little produce stickers found on many fruits and vegetables can cause bit problems for your plumbing system when they make their way down your drain. They stick to pipes and they get caught in wastewater treatment pipes and filters as well.
– Grease & Oil: you should never allow grease and oil to go down the drains in your house. Even if the oil isn’t solid, it can start to build up in your pipes and cause clogs to start to form. You should also opt to put them in a container and allow them to cool before putting them in your trash can.
– Medication: While medications aren’t going to cause clogs in your drains when you flush them, the medications can get into the water supply and start to cause problems. This used to be something that people didn’t think twice about doing, but now we know that it has big consequences when you do.

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