What is the Best Way to Clean Your Drains in Arrochar, NY? Causes of Clogs, Importance of Drain Inspections & More

The process of mechanically removing obstructions within a drain system that are impeding proper flow is drain cleaning. Unfortunately, it is common for some plumbers who claim to clean a drain to merely pop a hole within a drain and not actually clean it. In order to clean it must be confirmed that all of the obstruction has been removed and determine what caused it. There is no way to know for sure if the drain is actually cleaned nor to see what caused it, if a plumber simply unclogs a 2” and larger drain and does not inspect afterward. We at The Original $49.95 Plumber specializes in precision drain cleaning and pinpointing the cause and location of problems with our video technology. Today, we would like to explain the drain cleaning service.

Causes of Drain Clogs

It is usually not the first time it has happened nor does it just happen out of the blue when we get a call for a clogged drain. A sag in the pipe, root intrusions, misalignments, scale build-up, or a separation are often the causes. Because it is usually not just paper or organic waste, these are things that can cause a clog. A clog is a symptom of a larger issue, more often than not. Our goal is to find the cause, not just address the symptom.

Drain & Sewer Inspections

It is very common for homeowners to call in a plumber shortly after or even in the process of moving in to deal with clogged drains. The potential buyer had no sewer inspection performed prior to the purchase of the home in these cases. Regardless of the home’s age, experts always recommend having this inspection done prior to deciding whether or not to buy a home. The new homeowners are caught off guard when a clog occurs, invariably on a Friday night or holiday when the family is visiting. For a number of reasons, this scenario can happen. Especially with older homes, there is a possibility that the previous owner did not know there was an issue to begin with. In other cases, a home sits vacant for a long while or the previous occupants were a couple that did not use as much water as a young family, may be the cause. Unfortunately, no one knows the true condition of the system since during a standard home inspection process, an inspector will flush the toilets, run the fixtures, or simply look into the sewer clean-out but not really inspect the system.

Best Way to Clean Drain Pipes

Though professionals will tend to the clog initially when they are called to take care of the clog, they want to know the clog. Professionals, such as ourselves, use specialty drain cleaning equipment that utilizes the latest in drain cleaning technology, such as a hydrojetter. Once the clog is removed, we inspect the drains with advanced technology video to find the cause. This allows to rectify the problem and help reduce the likelihood of a clogged drain down the line.

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