What is the Difference Between Drain Cleaning & Sewer Cleanout in Kingsbridge Heights, NY?

Drainage or sewer cleaning services are common, but unfortunately, most homeowners do not always know the deference between the two and some assume they are one in the same. Though similar processes, sewer and drain cleaning have different requirements. In addition to different parts of your home plumbing systems, the effect of a drain clog will be different than a sewer clog. The Original $49.95 Plumber will explain the deference between drain and sewer cleaning to better understand the two systems.

Drain Cleaning

In reference to the internal plumbing of the home is the drain system. The home’s drainage system connects every toilet, sink, bathtub and shower drain. The drainage system will need to be cleaned when a clog occurs within the home piping system. A small snake like camera is fed throughout the home plumbing to determine the location of the clog. To clean the drainage system, once the location and source of the clog is located, the plumber will know the best way. In order to grab and pull or push the object out, the plumber may use a claw like tool if a foreign object went down the sink or toilet. To unclog the drainage system, if the clog is due to a buildup of grease, oil, or soap they may use a powerful solution. If the clog occurred in the toilet lines then the toilet makes back up with water, most signs of a drainage clog is when the water in a sink, shower or tub drains slowly.

How Does a Sewer Cleanout Work?

Within the home then the sewer is the piping system that outside of the home where the drainage system is the plumbing and piping. To either the city’s sewers or to a leach field, the drainage system will eventually connect to the sewer line where the sewer line is connected. Where most clogs occurs often when the sewer will run into a single connection point. Odd plumbing problem can develop when the sewer develops a clog, or the flow becomes restricted then the entire home. When the washing machine or dish washer is in use water may back out of another drain for instance. Water will come out of a nearby drain when a toilet flush. When sewer water backs out of your home drains or toilets, one of the worst-case scenarios. To make sure it isn’t clog or needs to be clean to prevent a nasty situation when you start to notice odd plumbing reaction get a plumber out immediately in inspect your sewer line.

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To prevent future clog and backed up sewer water flooding your home, it is important to periodically have your home drainage and sewer systems cleaned. The Original $49.95 Plumber should be contacted when you notice signs you may have a clog or restriction in your sewer or drainage system. We provide quality drainage and sewer inspections and cleaning services and schedule The Original $49.95 Plumber services today.

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