What Not to Flush Down the Toilet in Arrochar, NY; Medications, Kitty Litter, Paper Towels, Cotton Balls & More

Most people can’t imagine what their life would look like if they didn’t have a toilet. This modern-day convenience is something that many of us often take for granted. In fact, we often take it for granted so much that we forget that we aren’t supposed to flush certain things down it. There are several items that people often flush down their toilet and that shouldn’t ever be in your toilet bowl. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to share some things that you should avoid flushing down your toilet.

List of Things Not to Flush Down the Toilet

Many of the items that shouldn’t get flushed down the toilet shouldn’t be any surprise. However, there are some that items that might surprise you. Here is a list of things that belong in the trash rather than the toilet.
– Dental Floss: This is an item that many people don’t think about, but dental floss is made of nylon that doesn’t break down easily. It can get wrapped around toilet paper and other flushable items and cause problems.
– Cotton Balls: While cotton balls may be small, they don’t break down in your plumbing. They build up and can cause serious problems, even broken pipes.
– Paper Towels: Paper towels were never meant to be flushed down the toilet. They are actually made to absorb water. They aren’t made out of material that breaks down very easily.
– Hair: Hair is like dental floss and shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. This hair can get wrapped around other items you have flushed.
– Band-Aids: The adhesive found on band-aids make them something you shouldn’t flush. They can stick to other items flushed and cause a clog. They are also made of non-biodegradable plastic that doesn’t break down.
– Medications: If you have expired or unused medications, the best way to get rid of them isn’t to flush them down the toilet. They can contaminate the water. There are many places that you can drop off old medications safely.
– Cigarette Butts: This is another item that can contaminate water sources when they are flushed down the toilet. Additionally, they don’t always flush easily down the toilet because they are so lightweight.
– Kitty Litter: If you have a cat, you should never flush its waste down the toilet. There are sometimes harmful parasites in cat waste can cause problems with water sources.
– Fats, Oils & Grease: You need to remember that you shouldn’t treat your toilet the same way that you do your trash can. As a general rule, you should avoid flushing any food down your toilet.

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