What Not to Flush Down the Toilet in Ridgewood, NY; Hair, Tissues, Newspaper, Tampons, Flushable Wipes & More

Being experienced with clogged drains, and specializing in cleaning the drains, there are so many instances that can be avoided by taking some initiative. One of the most common issues is flushing items down the toilet that should be simply thrown in the trash. Where many kids are the guilty culprit and performing their experiments and flushing a variety of things, many adults are guilty, whether if it is because they do know or just using the toilet as a convenience tool to dispose of items. With this in mind, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share a list of the items that should never be flushed.

Why You Shouldn’t Flush Tissues, Hair, Newspaper & Other Items

We know you want to make sure your plumbing system is in good condition so that homeowners or business owners do not ever have to deal with breakdowns. Too many people tend to treat toilets like trash cans, so they flush tons of things that should never be flushed down a toilet, unfortunately. The list of items to never flush down a toilet is quite long from toys to personal care products. Potentially leading to extensive plumbing damage like burst pipes, leaks, sewage backup, and more, the wrong materials from these things can create massive clogs. You need to know what can and cannot be flushed if you want to avoid these serious plumbing problems.

Only Flush Toilet Paper & Bodily Waste

Understanding what can be flushed down the toilet can be foggy. Though this topic can be sensitive for some, we will keep it short and concise. Generally, the only thing that should be flushed down a toilet is as little possible, such as bodily waste and toilet paper, as minimal as possible. If you need excessive toilet paper to clean up, it is recommended that you flush multiple times if needed.

What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

If it is not toilet paper or bodily waste, it should not be flushed, including the common things flushed that is listed below.
– Flushable wipes (even those that are marketed as flushable)
– Cotton balls
– Q-tips
– Cat litter
– Paper towels
– Cosmetic wipes
– Floss
– Contact lenses
– Medication
– Hair
– Baby wipes
– Band-Aids
– Gum
– Food scraps
– Feminine hygiene products
– Condoms
– Bleach
– Small toys
– Diapers
– Toilet scrub pads

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Even products that claim to be flushable should not be flushed except for the bare essentials. In the event your toilet is clogged by unfortunate circumstances and you cannot successfully plunge the clog yourself, hiring professionals is the best solution. Throughout the New York area, call The Original $49.95 Plumber for assistance with your toilet clogs. With our experienced experts using the tools, technology, and expertise necessary to clear your pipes and keep your plumbing system in the best condition possible, we are the number one expert to help with the problem. Our professionals have the expertise to clear the clog from your toilet safely and efficiently. We are readily available to provide our expertise when you experience a clog in any of you home’s drains.

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