What Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain During a Remodel in Midtown Manhattan, NY? Oil Paint, Grout & More

When you are working on a remodel, there are likely several materials that you are working with that you wouldn’t normally have in your house. You will be working with paint, sawdust, grout and many other things that are more than messy. This may leave you wondering what you can and cannot put down the drain. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to talk about what you can get away with putting down the drain during your remodel and what you should pass on.

Can I Clean Oil Paint Brushes in the Sink?

If you are working on painting any surfaces in your home, there will be times that you need to wash out brushes and rollers when you have completed the job. Where you can wash them out, depends on what type of paint you are using. If you are using a latex or water-based paint, you can go ahead and wash them off in the sink. When using an oil-based paint, they will need to be rinsed out elsewhere. It goes without saying, that even though you can clean your brushes and rollers after using latex paint in the sink, you shouldn’t ever dump large volumes of paint down your drain. This will cause serious drainage issues.

Can I Rinse a Shop Vac in a Bathtub?

Believe it or not, many people when they are needing to clean out their shop vac after doing a remodeling project, will clean it out in the bathtub rather than outside. The sawdust and other debris found in your shop vac can really do a number on your drain when it is all dumped on the bathtub. You should avoid doing this as you will see a major backup. If you do need to rinse something off in the bathtub, make sure you empty the canister in the trash can before doing so to remove any large pieces and most of the sawdust and dirt.

Will Grout Dissolve in a Drain Pipe?

If you are tiling any surface in your home, you will be cleaning out grout lines to get the job done. As you fill grout lines in, there will be some wiping to get excess grout off the tile’s surface. As you are rinsing out these sponges used to get the job done, the water will need to be changed out of your bucket numerous times. It may be tempting to dump it down the bathtub, but there is a large amount of sand and grout that is in the bottom of that bucket, that shouldn’t go down the drain. Try dumping it outside instead.

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If you have a drain that is clogged because you have put things down it that you shouldn’t have, don’t worry, The Original $49.95 Plumber can help you get your drains working like new again. We can remove any of the buildup that is causing the clog so that you can get back to your normal routine. Call us today!

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