When to Hire a Sewer Cleaning Company in Maspeth, NY; Clog, Sewage Smell & More

It’s easy to forget about the sewer line that is connected to your home. Knowing the warning signs of clogs, backups and other sewer problems can save your home from extensive damage. The Original $49.95 Plumber presents a list of the signs you are dealing with a sewer line problem.

Signs of a Clogged, Cracked, Broken or Collapsed Sewer Line

1. Slow draining kitchen or bathroom sink. The most common symptom of sewer issues is water backup. This is true even if it happens in the bathtub and the toilet right next to it works fine. The issue might be with a secondary sewer line versus the main line. Just like a tree has branches, so does a plumbing system. There might be a problem in all of them or just one.
2. Backups in more than one fixture. If you discover that water is backing up in more than one fixture, there could be a blockage in the main sewer pipe. This is a problem that needs professionals because a household snake cleaner will not solve the problem.
3. Sediment is present in backups. If the water that backups has sediment in it, it means that the water is coming form the sewer line and not part of the interior plumbing. The sediment will look like dirt or mud.
4. One fixture causes another to backup. If water backups in the bathtub after you flush the toilet it may indicate that water is being pushed up because the sewer line is blocked. These backups can happen in more than one place.
5. Sewage smell. When your sewer line is working correctly it’s airtight. When cracks of blockages occur, a foul smell will seep into your home. This smell is sewage and indicates there’s a problem with the drains.
6. Tree roots in sewer lines. Tree roots can cause issues with sewer lines. Pipes and drains can become crushed when tree roots continue to grow. If you’re having issues and you have big trees in your yard, they might be the reason.
7. Floor drain backing up after rain. If you find water backing up with rainy weather, you may need to have a backflow prevention device installed on the sewer line. This will allow water to run out of your home and not to it.
8. Lush areas of grass in your yard. Sewage that leaks and runs to certain areas of your yard can fertilize those areas and cause them to become lush. Areas of your yard that are greener than others might be an indication there’s a sewer problem below.
9. Mold on wall behind toilet etc. Mold on walls and ceilings can be caused by breaks in the line behind the walls. This causes humidity that can then lead to mold growth.
10. Plunger doesn’t work. If using a plunger or drain cleaners doesn’t clear a block, you need to call the professionals.

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If you think you have a sewer problem, what do you do? Turn the water off at the shut-off valve by turning it to the “off” or “closed” position. Then contact The Original $49.95 Plumber to schedule a video inspection to diagnose and fix the problem. Give us a call today!

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