Cleaning Drain Pipes & Sewer Lines Help Prevent Plumbing Major Problems in Princes Bay, NY

For homeowners that experience drain or sewer clogs they quickly learn it can lead to a major mess and turn their home into a bio-hazard. To prevent clogs in your home’s drainage system, it is often recommended you maintain clean drains. As a homeowner, there are ways to help keep your drains clean. However, there comes a time in every home that drains and sewer pipes will need a professional cleaning. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share how often you should have your home’s drains and sewer pipes cleaned, to prevent clogs and other major disasters.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Helps Prevent Major Plumbing Problems

There are a lot of benefits of scheduling regular drain and sewer cleaning. Essentially, by maintaining clean drains you can prevent a number of disasters, from bursting pipes to drainage backed-ups. When drains develop clogs, some of the first sign is slow drainage from sinks and showers. Later as the clogs get worse, there comes a point where the pipes won’t drain at all. When water sits in a drain, it develops mold, bacteria, and algae. Additionally, the contaminated water will come back out of the drains and flood inside the home.

Keep Drain Pipes & Sewer Lines Clear

All drains are prone to developing clogs. Bathroom drains will develop soap deposits and clumps of hair. Kitchen drains are often filled will grease, oil, and food waste that gets trapped in the grease. When considering everything that goes down the drains, it comes as no surprise that drains require ongoing cleaning. Drains often need professional drain cleaning along with maintenance cleaning. Maintenance cleaning can be performed by the homeowners.

How Often Should Drain & Sewer Lines Be Cleaned

In many scenarios, professionals are called out only when a clog or a disaster has already occurred. At this point, it is too late to prevent back ups and other similar disasters and you are left with repairs. Instead of waiting for a clog to occur, it is better to always maintain clean drains. Determining when to schedule drain and sewer cleaning isn’t an exact science. Drain cleaning needs can range from household to household. For household with pets which are bathed in the sink or bathtub, or those with larger families, tend to need the drains cleaned more frequently. For households that are small and without pets can go much longer between drain cleanings. Ideally, for larger households it is recommended to have the drains cleaned every 2 years. For smaller households, often you can go every 3 years. For those who tend to pour grease or bathe their pets indoors, you may find you need professional drain cleaning once a year.

Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Along with professional drain cleaning it is also recommended doing maintenance cleaning once a month. To perform maintenance cleaning, you simply need to pour boiling water with vinegar down the drains. Another method of keeping drains cleaned longer is to use drain covers to prevent hair and other substances from falling into the drain. Avoid pouring grease and oily food down the drains as well.

Cleaning & Unclogging Drain Pipes & Sewer Lines in Staten Island, Maspeth, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Queens, NYC Boroughs, New York City NY

If you want to maintain clean drains or prevent clogs and other major disasters, or require sewer or drain cleaning and inspection, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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