New York City Sewer System; Common Plumbing Drain Problems with Water & Sewer Lines in Maspeth, NY

In medieval Europe civil engineering had fallen from the high state of the Roman Empire. There where no sewers or drainage. Refuse, bed pans and all where thrown into the alleyways and left. The cities of Europe stank, and it is no wonder that disease was a constant companion of the urban environment of the time. Early endeavors to handle this sewage were open channels to divert the waste down streets, usually in river systems.

New York City Sewer System History

New York City has one of the oldest sewage systems in the US. Over the years most of it has been changed, after all what movie of New York is complete without the sewer and cable lines being repaired. Other early US centers of population also built the earliest sewage systems in North America. Many of the materials at the time period were ceramic clay piping followed by cast iron lines. Pre-cast concrete is the primary material found in most cities; and remember the sewer system needs to handle storm drainage as well. Houses today are connected to the street lines and we have the modern sewage and waste disposal systems of today. Due to environmental concerns our waste is treated, and the water is made cleaner before discharging into waterways.

When is the City Responsible for Water & Sewer Lines?

The homeowner in most jurisdictions is responsible for the drain’s operation from the home to where it connects with the municipal sewage drains. To connect a new home to the sewer systems can cost up to $50,000 owners expense. Why so much? Well they must dig a trench and then repave the street; all manpower and material intensive operations. Expensive to say the least.
Most blockages to the drains occur within the home.

Sink Trap & Toilet Plumbing Problems

Many problems originate at the point of failure, the sink trap. The traps under sinks, and in the floor for tubs and showers, trap water to prevent sewage odors from leaking back into the house. As waste like hair needs to change direction through the trap, it tends to settle in the trap eventually causing an obstruction. The next most common point of failure is the toilet. Toilets have their own built in traps and the problems occurs when missy tries to flush mom’s perfume bottles or junior tries to flush his hot wheels. Next to sinks, the toilet in a household of children, is the next most point of failure.

Materials Used for Sewer & Water Pipes

Most plumbing problems are routine and to a degree expected. But over time, like our arteries, drains build up deposits or if cast iron that become cankered with rust. For plastic pipe they can be cleaned using water or rooter systems. Care must be taken to use rooter- cutter to prevent damage to the relatively soft plastic lines. For cast iron there comes a time where the only reasonable response is replacement. Most systems can last many years, but all things have a life span and will eventually need replacement. The most common material in drainage systems today is PVC, as it has replaced ABS and the other materials. It is inexpensive, easy to install, easy to repair and has a long life for home installations.

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