Causes of Clogged Sewer Lines & Drain Pipes in Douglaston, NY & How to Clear a Plumbing Clog

Drains using vitrified clay pipe have existed for about four thousand years. One of the oldest in the United States was a drain in Los Angeles, California changed out in 1957 that was thought to be 157 years old and still going. So, clay has been around for years and still plays a part in New York City’s sewer system. Vitrified refers to the firing of the item for 50 hours until it becomes ceramic like. It is still used today, though it is encased in concrete cradles. For home systems cast iron or PVC plastic pipe reign supreme today, but clay and concrete lines are still in use for major sewer systems. But cast-iron resists ground shifting and tree root intrusion better. To resist trees, clay must be fully encased in concrete.

Ground Shifting Can Cause Sag in Sewer Line

Ground shifting is a problem where the climate has cold winters and warm summers. The freeze-thaw cycle causes the ground to shift. As the years pass, carefully laid sewer lines can shift. It only takes a slight upheaval to change the draining angle of a sewer line from the slight ¼” minimum to the max of a 3-inch drop in a foot of travel. If line does not develop a back-hitch or sag it should function. Any level area or slump provide a location for deposits of sewage to build up like cholesterol in your veins. As the buildup grows it can eventually cause blockage. The frost line in New York City and the surrounding area can go from 15” to as high as 48”. The frostline is the depth to where the ground freezes over winter, with the expansion and contraction of the ground water ice there is movement in this layer that can affect lower levels as well. Our climate conspires against our infrastructure that keeps our city humming. Also, our system is a series of modern replacement and legacy systems.

Toy Car Flushed Down Toilet & Other Drain Blockages

When junior flushes his hot wheels a restriction can be created and build rapidly. Traps, those curvy, U-shaped pieces in your drainpipe, designed to contain water to prevent sewer gas and odors from coming into the home, can trap oil and hair and is the main problem in sink drain blockages. Plant root (tree) intrusion is a primary problem encountered around older systems, but PVC and cast iron piping is very resistant to plant root intrusion. Needless to say, all those stringy roots can create some real traps for the crude to buildup over time. Chemicals can be used to clear roots or mechanical cleaning systems can clear more minor root infestations. Another vulnerable area is open joints. Pipe joints should be tight and smooth, but sometimes they are more open creating a point for the accumulation of waste.

Unclogging Drain Pipes & Sewer Lines in Staten Island, Maspeth, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Queens, NYC Boroughs, New York City NY

Drains to operate effectively require maintenance to clear clogs. In most areas the property owner is responsible for drainage from the home to the sewer connection. The Original $49.95 Plumber specializes in drainage problems and have video scopes, with a camera attached to a fiberoptic line to inspect drains. Obstructions can be quickly located and a method to address clearing decided upon. Liners can sometimes repair drains, as the plastic liner relines the pipe restoring its usefulness. This is used a lot by municipalities on ‘feeder’ lines. Either hydraulic pressure, or a mechanical snake can be used to clear lines. Our knowledgeable staff knows how to match the best cutter to the drainpipe material to prevent pipe damage. So, if the water doesn’t go down that drain call the pros at The Original $49.95 Plumber, we are glad to help. Drains; it’s what we do!

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