Plumbing Facts & Myths in South Brooklyn, NY; Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Bad for Pipes & More

Most homeowners don’t think too much about the plumbing system in their home until something goes wrong. You can find yourself in need of a plumber if you continue to believe some of the following myths The Original $49.95 Plumber has compiled for you today.

Pouring Grease Down Drain with Cold Water?

Hot water will melt grease on your dishes when you combine it with soap but when it cools, solidifies and buildups, it will become a magnet for bits of food that can lead to a clog. This clog can become hard to remove with a household snake depending on how far away it is. Cold water, on the other hand, solidifies the grease so it will float through the pipes. Plus, cold water is good at cooling the disposer motor off, so it will last longer.

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Bad for Pipes?

You assume they are safe to use because you can buy them at the store, but you should avoid using them. Liquid drain cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can ear away at the pipes. Other than the damage these cleaners can do to your pipes, they are bad for the environment as well as septic systems. You are better of using an enzyme drain cleaner that safely absorbs grease and organic buildup in your pipes.

Does Ice Sharpen a Garbage Disposal

It’s unclear how this tip came to be. How can ice sharpen the “blades” of a garbage disposal? It could be because people have heard that using ice cubes can be used to clean a disposal. Garbage disposals don’t actually have blades but have two teeth-like features that grind away at any solids until they turn into a liquid and then stop.
Myth #4- Use a plunger to unclog your sink. This can work but only if you haven’t poured any drain cleaner down the drain. If you have, the chemicals in drain cleaners can lead to serious burns as they are forced back up through the sink by the plunger.

Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?

These wipes state that they are “flushable”, but they are actually one of the main culprits for clogging pipes. Yes, they will eventually break down, but it will take longer to do so compared to toilet paper. That means you’re putting your home’s plumbing system at risk for serious clogs and hefty plumbing bills.

Water Heater that Rumbles is About to Explode

Thankfully this is just a myth. A rumbling water heater usually means that it just needs a good cleaning. The sound is caused by excessive sediment buildup in the tank and the steam bubbles rising though that sediment. Ignoring these sounds can lead to premature failure and having to spend money on a new water heater before you need to.

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Keep these myths in mind to help keep your plumbing system running smoothly. If you do run into a plumbing issue, contact the professionals at The Original $49.95 Plumber for help!

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