How Do I Know when My Drain Needs Cleaning in Terrace Heights, NY? Slow Draining, Backed Up & More

An essential part of maintaining a working plumbing system is drain cleaning. For some, it may not be so obvious that the drains are in need of a cleaning. To help you identify when your drains need a cleaning, we at The Original 49.95 Plumber would like to take the opportunity to share the most common signs that indicate you are in need of a professional drain cleaning service.

Slow Draining Drain

A major sign you are dealing with a clog are slow-running drains. Also, it is likely there is a large clog in your sewer line if in the event more than one fixture is working slowly. You can use a mix of hot water and mild detergent, vinegar, or baking soda to attempt to flush these clogs out on your own. You should call a plumber for professional drain cleaning if this is ineffective.

Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures Keep Getting Backed Up

If you find it is going the opposite way through your pipes since water should only go one way down your toilets and sinks, this this is an almost surefire sign there’s something blocking your drains. They often spill out sewage, which is very toxic when fixtures get backed up. Hire a plumber as soon as possible to help determine if the problem is isolated or located deeper in your sewer line if this happens to you.

Why Does My Plumbing Smell Bad?

If you smell something foul near your drains, going back to the sewage issue mentioned above it may be because of a crash in the sewer line, which can release toxic gases through cracks. A plumber should easily be able to identify where these odors are coming from with a drain cleaning and inspection, fortunately.

Is Drain Mold Dangerous?

For your health, mold has a nasty smell and is extremely toxic. It may be a sign you have a leak since it also thrives in damp, dark enjoinments. Make sure a trusted plumber cleans your drains while they are at it and hire a professional to get rid of your mold.

Bugs Coming Out of the Drain

No matter where they show up in your home, pests like rats or bugs are frustrating, if you find them in the bathroom or the kitchen, however, it may be because of a crack somewhere in the sewer line. A skilled plumber will be able to detect any such openings, and then work to repair them with a professional drain cleaning.

Water Usage / Bill Increasing

It may be because of an obstruction or leak in your pipe if in the event your utility bills have risen but you’re not using any more water than usual. A technician will be able to perform an inspection to try and identify the problem with a professional drain cleaning once again.

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