How Do I Stop My Main Sewer Line from Clogging in Midtown Manhattan, NY?

Being responsible for safely transporting wastewater away from your property is the sewer line and all of the plumbing fixtures in your home are connected to it. Your sewer line is under a lot of pressure and might experience the occasional clog due to extensive daily use and outside factors. These clogs require professional repairs and sometimes even replacements. It is very helpful to learn the most common sources of these clogs as not all sewer line clogs can be avoided, some of them can be. Today, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to discuss the common sources of sewer line clogs.

Damage to Plumbing Pipes

Broken pipes often allow dirt, rocks, leaves, and other debris to enter, no matter if caused by serious corrosion, shifts in soil, or leaking joints. This can quickly result in serious blockages within your sewer line.

Tree Root Intrusion in Pipes

Tree root intrusion could be the source of the clog if your sewer line is near. The tree roots will make their way through the pipe so if there is a small crack in your sewer line since tree roots grow toward sources of water. Until you’ve got a serious blockage on your hands, the tree roots will continue growing, feeding off the wastewater from your home once inside the pipe.

Sagging Sewer Line

A sagging line will frequently collect waste, toilet paper, and other things at the low point of the pipe. Resulting in a backed-up pipe, this can make it very difficult for wastewater to flow past this point.

Wrong Items Get Flushed Down the Toilet

The only things that you should be flushing down your toilet are toilet paper and human waste, as to put it simply. You need to be throw any other items, including feminine hygiene products, flushable wipes, makeup wipes, floss, cotton balls, cotton swabs, paper towels, gum, band-aids, and more into a trash. It doesn’t mean they won’t get caught in your sewer line when they try to leave your home just because your toilet might be capable of flushing these items.

Improper Use Your Garbage Disposal

Though the name garbage disposal might indicate that anything can go down it, it has its limitations. After being placed in the garbage disposal, the items listed below can cause serious clogs in a sewer line.
– Trash
– Eggshells in excess
– Excessive coffee grounds
– Potato peels
– Pasta and rice
– Onion skins
– Oatmeal
– Meat bones
– Fruit pits
– Corn husks
– Cooking grease, oil, or fat
– Celery and asparagus
– Banana peels

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