Why is there Standing Water Clogged in the Bottom of My Dishwasher in East Village, NY?

If you are like most people, you rely heavily on your dishwasher to help you keep your kitchen neat and tidy. The dishwasher is often one of the most used appliances in any kitchen. When something goes wrong with it, it can put you in a bind and extend the time you are spending cleaning up your kitchen, exponentially. One common problem with dishwashers that can put them out of service is draining issues. If you have a dishwasher that isn’t draining properly, there are a few problems that can cause this issue. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to talk about possible reasons why our dishwasher isn’t draining like it should.

What Causes Dishwasher Drain to Clog?

As mentioned above, there are a few different reasons why you might experience a draining problem with your dishwasher.
– Clogged Hoses: If your dishwasher is like most, the hoses from the dishwasher will link up with the drain or garbage disposal in your sink. It isn’t uncommon for people to put things down their sink drain that they shouldn’t, and when this happens, it can lead to clogging in that hose that runs to your dishwasher as well. As debris starts to accumulate in that hose, your dishwasher won’t be able to clean the dishes like it used to until that hose has been rid of the sludge that is surely starting to build up over time.
– Clogged Filters: Your dishwasher has a filter in it that helps to keep large pieces of food and other debris out of the drain in your dishwasher. There are usually two different filters found in your dishwasher, a large basket filter and then a smaller one that is made of mesh. These two filters need to be cleaned by the homeowner occasionally to ensure they aren’t clogged and causing problems with the dishwasher. If you are having issues with your dishwasher performing, this is one of the first places that you should look.
– Clogs Throughout Other Areas of the Pipes: If you have had your dishwasher looked over and nothing has turned up in that quest, you probably have a clog that is located somewhere else in the plumbing and that is backing up into the dishwasher. This is something that you shouldn’t attempt to diagnose on your own. It take special equipment and training to be able to locate a clog that is found somewhere deep in your home’s plumbing system.

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If you have a dishwasher that isn’t draining properly, you can turn to The Original $49.95 Plumber to help you get to the bottom of the problem. We can clean out any drains that are showing signs of clogging so that the plumbing system in your home is able to freely drain out any waste water in your home, including the water coming from your dishwasher. Call us today!

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