How Often Should a Sewer Line Be Cleaned in Bull’s Head, NY? Why Clean Sewer Pipes are Important & More

One of the most common questions asked about a sewer system is, “how often do the sewer pipe lines need to be cleaned?” It is highly recommended that you keep your sewer line cleaned instead of waiting until you have a clog. To prevent clogs, it is important that you keep your sewer pipe line open which is why you will want to have your sewer pipe line cleaned to prevent future problems. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share how often you should have your sewer pipe line cleaned, and why it is so important in the state of New York.

Why are Sewer Pipes Important?

Cleaning a sewer pipe line isn’t something that should occur just because you develop a clog and your sewer line begins to back up. Maintaining a clean sewer line is an important part of maintenance for your home’s drainage system. So, why is maintaining a sewer pipe line so important? The answer is of course simple. You will want to prevent clogs and blockages. When the sewer pipe line becomes clogged or develops a minor blockage, the water waste will back up into your home. Sewer water is very hazardous and can quickly turn your home into a hazard zone.

How Often Should a Sewer Line Be Cleaned

So how often should a sewer pipe be cleaned to prevent clogs and blockages? It is suggested that an average household have their sewer line cleaned between every 18 to 24 months. Grease, oil and other waste that makes it through the sewer line can become stuck and build up which causes the clogs. You can go longer in between sewer pipe cleaning if you avoid pouring grease or oil food waste down the sink and be careful what you flush down the toilet. It also helps to keep your sewer line clean by pouring boiling hot water down your drains every six months to help keep the drain pipe and sewer pipe clean.

Best Time to Clean Sewer Pipe

Another good question is when is the best time of the year to have your sewer pipe line cleaned. To answer that question it is good to understand the state of New York’s climate. In New York we can get very cold winters. Cold winters can pose a problem for your sewer pipe. If there is a slight blockage where water is trapped inside the pipe, that water can freeze. When the water freezes and turns to ice, the ice expands putting pressure inside the pipe. If there is too must ice in the pipe, it can cause the pipe to break and burst, not to mention it can cause clogs. During the winter it is important to have the pipe already clean to prevent ice from building up inside. It is best to have your sewer pipe line cleaned no later than the fall. You can have your sewer line cleaned any time in the spring through the fall seasons.

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By having your sewer line cleaned every 18 to 24 months and before the winter, you can prevent winter clogs and broken pipes. If you need you sewer or drainage pipes cleaned or inspected, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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