How to Get Rid of Water Hammer Sounds in Manhattan, NY; Arrestor or Air Chamber Installation

You want to be able to enjoy your home without having to hear loud noises from your appliances or other systems in your house. You want to have some peace and quiet at the end of a long hard day. If you start to hear noises in your house you might think that the house is haunted but there can be a good reason. One sound that you might hear is a bang or something that sounds like a hammer when you use water in your house. This is what is referred to as water hammer and it happens when you turn on your faucets or other areas that use water. The bang sounds just like a hammer hitting a pipe or other material. The sound can be an annoyance but it can also be a problem with your plumbing system. You want to make sure that you have this plumbing issue taken care of by a professional.

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What Makes Water Hammer Sounds?: When you use water in your house you are getting it flowing through the pipes with pressure. The pressure is built up behind the water to push it through your home. When you use the water it comes out of the faucet or through an appliance that will use water. When you’re done the water shuts off and that means that a valve shuts down and the pressure should dissipate. The problem is that the pressure has no where to go and that means that it will build up behind the valve. When you use the faucet again that pressure is too high and that will cause the banging sound that is called water hammer.
Is Water Hammer Dangerous?: The problem is that when you allow the pressure to build up and you don’t do anything to fix it there can be plumbing damage. Many times this pressure will cause a problem with the valve that is holding the water from leaking when you shut it off. Another problem that you will potentially see is with the pipes themselves. They are able to hold some pressure but excess pressure can cause the pipe to burst or the seam to give out. This will then lead to a leak in the pipes that you will need to have repaired right away.
How Do I Stop Water Hammer in My House?: If you have a problem with your water making a banging sound you want to make sure it is repaired but there is a way to avoid the problem. There are two main options that you can have done to your pipes and plumbing. If you do not have arrestors in your lines you want to have them installed or replaced if they have gone bad. The other option is that you can have air chambers installed and they will never need to be replaced so it is a one time fix.

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