How to Keep Drain Pipes Clean in Brooklyn, NY; Mesh Strainers for Sink & Shower Drains & More

When a drain becomes blocked it can become a messy situation really quickly. When speaking with a professional they often say it is better to prevent a blockage than cleaning up after one. To prevent blockage in your home’s drains, know what can cause blockages and how you can keep them clean. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share a few ways to maintain clean drains and prevent your drains from getting clogged or blocked.

Slow Draining Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom and kitchen drains are the most common drainage systems to develop clogs and blockages. This is because of all of the substances we pour down these drains. Kitchens often gets grease and oil poured down the drain which builds up and leads to clogs. Bathrooms will get plugged up with toothpaste, shaving cream and soap residue. It is important to know what is going down the drain to know how to clean and prevent clogs.

Can You Pour Bleach Down the Kitchen Sink?

In general, all sinks should be cleaned once a month using bleach. Pour a few tablespoons of bleach down all of the sinks in your home. This will combat algae which can grow and restrict drains over time. The bleach can kill algae, mold, and yeast that can grow inside drains and prevent the restriction. You can also use table salt and white vinegar. When cleaning your home drains, in every sink pour a tablespoon of salt inside the drain, followed by ΒΌ cup of vinegar. Let the two set inside the drain for an hour. After the hour has passed, pour hot water down the drain. You can boil a few cups of water or run the hot tap. For best results, boiled water is recommended. By cleaning your drain out at least once a month you will help prevent clogs and reduce the need of using harsh chemicals that can affect the piping in the drainage system.

Pouring Grease Down the Drain Should Always Be Avoided

When discarding cooking oil or grease, never pour either down the drain. Grease and oil cools down and builds up over time. Now not many people realize that grease and oil is trouble for drains, if you have in the past poured oils or grease down the drain you will want to clean your kitchen sinks. As long as the grease build up isn’t too bad it can easily be cleaned with hot water. Boil a few cup of water and pour it down the drain. You may need to flush the drain several times before the grease is gone. You can clean drains with boiling water to also help clean out bathroom drains too. The hot water is effective on soap scum and other hygiene items.

Mesh Strainers & Drain Screens

To prevent clogs it also helps to use screen protectors over the drains, especially in showers or bath tub drains. Hair is another major problem and often leads to blockage. For those with a lot of hair you can prevent clogging the drain by brushing your hair out before you wash it, and keep a screen protector over the top of the drains.

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When your drains get blocked or clogged, water can begin to back up inside the home. If you need your home drains cleaned out, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber. We provide drain inspection and cleaning services. To schedule our services, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber today.

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