How to Keep Drains Clean & Fresh in Linden, NY; Flush with Hot Water, Prevent Hair Clogging & More

Clogged drains in New York are something that many homeowners contend with. We really do not give them much thought concerning their function let alone, maintenance and preventative tactics, the drains rely on taking care of the water waste. Your kitchen and bathroom drains can quickly clog from the residues and substances. The culprits in clogged bathroom drains is soap, toothpaste, and other residues and kitchen drains include food particles. Routine activities such as cooking, washing your hands, or even bathing is hindered when the drains are clogged. Resulting in expensive repairs, clogged drains are more than an inconvenience, they can lead to structure problems as well as excessive plumbing concerns. To avoid clogging your NY home’s drains, we at The Original 49.95 Plumber would like to share some recommendations.

Flush Drains with Hot Water

Flush the drain thoroughly with hot water. Many substances can solidify in the drains, though they do not start out as solids. By cooking foods and hair conditioning from grooming habits, grease can develop for instance. Most think they will flush out with the wastewater when these substances slide down the drain. Starting the foundation of a clog, this not always the case unfortunately as they can harden in drains. Flush the drains with hot water, once a day, or preferably after every use. To prevent these substances from solidifying, the hot water helps.

Can Hair Go Down the Drain?

Avoid flushing hair down the drain. In the bathroom, hair is one of the primary items found clogging sink and shower drains. As it quickly escalates into a disgusting mess that stops the water flow, the hair that gets trapped in the drain, snarls up. To avoid clogged drains, it is essential to collect the hair before they slip down the drain. Placed on the drain to collect the shed hair before it travels into the drain is a cheap device, a hair catcher that does not require any installments. By removing the hair and disposing of it, the hair is then easily disposed of as the by tossing the inexpensive devise and the hair with it in the trashcan. Home improvement store or few department stores, these devices can be purchased.

What Not to Put Down Garbage Disposal

Be more selective of what goes down the drain. People attempt to send the wrong items down the drain and into the disposal, as garbage disposals are not as durable as you may believe and too often. You are likely allowing the wrong items to be processed in the garbage disposal if the kitchen sink is frequently clogged. If you are ever in doubt, consult your owner manual. The major do nots that are commonly put through the garbage disposal are listed below. As mentioned, to be safe when you are in doubt, consult your manual.
– Eggshells
– Coffee grounds
– Dental floss or other stringy items
– Vegetables & fruit seeds, pits, and peelings
– Sweet potatoes
– Pasta or rice
– Grease

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