Plumbing FAQ in Jamaica, NY; Why are Water Pipes Knocking, Toilet Bubbling or Gurgling & More

For those without any kind of knowledge past the basics, plumbing can be quite complex. Most people are left scratching their heads when their plumbing elements are not functioning properly. We know that it can be frustrating not known what is going on, so we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to share some of the most common frequently asked questions and their answers today to help people better understand.

Does Damp Wall Next to Shower Mean a Leak & Water Damage?

This incident is a very common problem among the walls in close proximity to showers and/or tubs because when the water leaks from pipes or splash-out from the shower can cause drywall to bubble and degrade. Though minimal damage is to be expected over time, when the deterioration elevates, replacing the drywall is required before additional damage occurs among the plumbing and structure.

Why is My Water Brown All of a Sudden?

As the water exits the faucet, there are many things that can contribute to it looking brown. With so many circumstances, it is in your better interest to call a professional if the water appears brown to ensure it is resolved accordingly.

How Long Does a Water Heater Typically Last?

Typically, water heaters are designed to last about 15 years. The quality of the water heater places an important role to its longevity, as well as the quality and regularity of the professional maintenance and your own care occurred. To increase the lifespan of the water heater, simply flushing out the tank once every can significantly make a difference. Over time, sediments from the water buildup and reduces the heater’s efficiency and the amount of hot water available at any time.

Is Adding a Bathroom Sink or Plumbing Fixture Myself a Good Idea?

A bit more involved than a simple yes or no, there is a lot more to this question. The home’s initial setup is a primary factor as well as the location and networking of the current supply and drain lines. Specific codes and regulations for your area are another circumstance that needs to be considered. A professional can assess the situation and determine what you can do.

What are My Pipes Knocking when Water is Run?

Air bubbles being compressed in the pipes or unsecure piping can be causing the knocking sounds you are hearing. Neither problem is cause for major concern and can usually be remedied easy enough. With proper fittings, you can fix the loose piping and water hammer arrestors can be installed can take care of the bubbling problem.

Why is the Toilet Bubbling & Gurgling?

The system’s pressurization is the source of the gurgling or burping. To prevent sewer gas from entering the home, all plumbing drains require a trap to serve as a water plugs, and all traps need venting to avoid blowout during the plumbing system’s normal functions. Because the vent is obstructed, the pressurization will be thrown off, leading to the burping.

What Do I Do if Kid Flushing Something Down Toilet?

If the toy is obstructing the path, a plunger will work fine for clearing most normal toilet clogs. However, if the problem persist, contact a professional for further assistance.

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