Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections in Rockaway Beach, NY to Detect Water Leaks, Clogs & More

New York City has a long history and therefore there are aspects of our infrastructure that in some cases date to a century or more. This goes not only for the city but many of the older residences in the area. Here we are concerned about drains and sewers. A drain only serves one building, conveying waste and water to the municipal sewer. Sewers are a networked series of pipes that carry sewage, waste water and rain run-off from drains to the treatment plants or disposal points. So, in your building you have drains that connect to the municipality’s sewer system.

Clay & Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Problems

In many cases these systems are reaching the end of their lives. Like cholesterol in the veins and arteries of your body as you age, corrosion collects in the drain and sewers of your town. Many of the early piping was clay, not used today and replaced by cast iron. Being iron it will corrode, and deposits can collect in drains as they depend on gravity and not pressure to control the flow of liquids and solids suspended in water. As problems develop the city tries to correct them in the sewage system. How? Well they run robots into the pipes with cameras and locate the blockage. We as plumbers have our own high-tech equipment. The sewer line inspection camera.

Sewer Line Camera Inspections

The sewer line inspection camera is inserted via a flexible rod with a HDTV camera on the tip. The flexible rod allows the camera to travel through your drains. The camera sends video back to a HD monitor. Not only that but being video in can be recorded for later viewing. The camera snakes include an LED light for illuminating the subject. This identifies clogs, obstructions or deterioration of the pipes. Any problems are apparent with the cameras. Structural failure, root intrusions, cracks, punctures, corrosion or misaligned pipe. Grease buildup, leaks and other obstruction are readily identified by the camera.

Reasons for Video Camera Drain Inspections

Selling, realtors and home buyers want to know the health of their drain systems. Conducting a camera inspection will to build confidence in the home. Given the rain and winter weather there is much that compromises our plumbing. Another hazard is tree roots finding their way into our plumbing, and they can run a considerable distance in pipes. Video camera inspection is not only for residential applications but can benefit the commercial building owner as well. Not all is just a question of repair. Lose a valuable item down the drain? Video inspection can find and aid in recovery of items lost down the drain. Leaks are the gremlins of the sewer system. Leaks can be extremely damaging to the building’s structure and provide breeding areas for mold and mildew. Before remodeling a home, you may want to have a video inspection. If it is torn up anyway take advantage of the open systems to apply remedial repairs. The alternative is to uncover the lines until you find the problem. A 100-foot trench verse a five-foot access hole. Video camera inspection is cost saving and can find problems with minimal invasion into the surrounding area of a drain or sewer line.

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