Sewer Camera Inspections in Corona, NY Can Detect Tree Roots, Clogs, Corrosion, Blockages in Plumbing Pipes & More

When a homeowner has concerns that perhaps their home’s plumbing system may have clogs, they will seek out answers. Some plumbing services will offer camera inspections to see if or where the clog in the plumbing system is occurring. Many homeowners have questions about camera inspections and how they work. The Original $49.95 Plumber will share some of the common questions asked about camera inspections for sewer and drain clogs.

How to Use a Sewer Inspection Camera

A sewer line inspection camera is a tiny camera that is similar to a robotic snake. This tiny camera can be fed down the drain and sewer line and provide a real time video image of the pipe line. The camera can bend and twist along with the pipes of the drainage system. The camera will send a high definition video back to the broadcast screen. Along with a camera, an LED light is attached to help provide all the light needed to see inside the dark pipes. The primary purpose of the plumbing camera is to look for problem such as breaks, clogs or tree root invasions. These cameras take out all of the guess work as to what the problem could be and where and how to repair the problem.

What Common Problems Do Sewer Inspections Discover?

When inspecting a sewer line that has been having a problem, the camera could see a number of different issues. There are a number of common causes for clogs in drainage or sewer lines. Certain pipe issues can cause clog like symptoms such as odd angles or shifts in the pipe line. Sometimes the drainage system was poorly designed and can cause the waste not to flow out of the drains properly, resulting in clog like problems. Camera inspections can also detect tree roots that can grow around or directly into the pipe line. Tree roots want to take water and feed on the waste that flows through sewer lines. It is very common for tree roots to grow around pipes and then break them. You can even discover roots inside the pipes themselves. The camera can also discover severe corrosion in older pipe systems. Some older pipe systems use metal that can rust and erode. Metal drainage pipes are a major problem as they can erode. Blockages and leaks are also detected during camera inspections. Blockage is a major problem as they can cause back up and other plumbing disasters.

Should I Get My Sewer Line Inspected?

If your plumbing system is acting odd such as developing gurgling sounds or water may come up and out of shower drains or toilets when appliances are in use, then yes you should not hesitate to have your plumbing system inspected. A camera inspection can help check for blockage or other signs of a clog. Clogs in the sewer line can cause the sewer to back up. The waste that comes out is hazardous. Sewer backups can contaminate the entire home making it an unsafe environment. You do not want your home to become a victim of a sewer back up due to a clog.

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Sewer line inspections can help determine if there is a clog or similar problem and properly prepare the homeowner for the next best move. For quality plumbing inspection and cleaning, contact The Original $49.95 Plumber!

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