What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal, Sink Drain or Toilet in Long Island City, NY; Coffee Grounds & More

There are many contributors that cause a drain to clog. Where some instances are inevitable, most are preventable. Controlling what is being sent down the drain can help significantly. There are some substances and items being disposed of through the drains, whether they are flushed, processed in the garbage disposal, or simply allowed to fall down the sink or bath drain. In any case, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to list these items that should never go down in a drain in your home.

What Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain

1) No Coffee Grounds Down the Sink. Though they actually are one of the most common offenders of slow-building clogs in kitchen sinks, they seem small enough that they should just flush away like any liquid would.
2) No Eggshells in Garbage Disposal. Just like coffee grounds, a ground-up eggshell can slowly lead to clogs. Ideally, they are great for the compost to be used in the garden, are thrown in the garbage.
3) Oil or Grease. When it’s still hot, used oil or grease may seem liquid enough to dump down the drain. Eventually, grease cool off and become more of a solid inside your pipes. Throw the grease into the trash by pouring hot grease into an old jar or can, let it cool and then harden.
4) Produce Stickers. Adding to drain clogs is even a little bit of adhesive on the backs of those stickers. Like all the other solid items on this list, the produce stickers are better tossed in the garbage.
5) Cotton Balls. When people flush solid items down the toilet, or allow remnants to fall down the drain, items like cotton balls and dental floss immediately begin forming clogs. Making them more prone to cause clogs in your toilet, these solids do not dissolve like toilet paper can.
6) Paper Towels. Paper towels and wipes do not dissolve as toilet paper does as well. They’re made to be thicker and more durable, despite looking similar to toilet paper. They will not break down and a little at a time, clogs develop.
7) Condoms. These have no business being flushed town toilets since rubber is not biodegradable. Simply throw the used condoms in the garbage and keep them out of the plumbing system.
8) Feminine Hygiene Products. Most sanitary way to dispose of them is by flushing feminine hygiene products may feel like the fastest. They do not dissolve in the water, like other of the things we listed below. Even though they say they are flushable, they are made a prime candidate for causing issues with drains.
9) Household Chemicals. It is highly recommended that household cleaners, car fluids, and even paint are avoided to be washed down the drains. Stick to all-natural cleaners or find safer ways to dispose of your household chemicals since toxic chemicals are never great for the water supply.

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