Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain in Douglaston, NY; Coffee Grounds, Grease, Eggshells & More

As plumbers, we get calls everyday from people that are experiencing a clogged drain. There are several instances where this is unavoidable for many homeowners. There are also times where a little bit of restraint in what went down the drain could have saved homeowners money in drain cleaning costs. It is important that everyone understands what can and cannot go down a drain. The Original $49.95 Plumber is here to share some items that you should never allow to go down your drains, from the kitchen sink to the toilet.

Coffee Grounds Don’t Dissolve in Drain

When you make your morning cup of coffee, it may seem like the easiest way to get rid of the grounds would be to flush them down the drain. They are small and seem like they would wash right away. This is one of the top things that we find homeowners have tried to send down the drain only to find that they have caused some serious clogging.

Do Not Pour Oil & Grease Down the Drain

When you are cooking, there are many recipes that call for oil. Most people understand that bacon grease shouldn’t be sent down the drain, but may not realize that oil in liquid form shouldn’t go down the drain either. The best way to get rid of old grease or oil is to put it in a used jar or jug and let it solidify, then throw it in the garbage can.

Produce Stickers Shouldn’t Go Down Drain

Who hasn’t had a produce sticker off the fruit or vegetables they are cleaning go down the drain. While these stickers are small, it doesn’t take much adhesive at all to clog a drain. They should definitely not go down your kitchen sink and put in the garbage can.

Paper Towels Can Clog Drain

While paper towels resemble toilet paper, it is important to note that they don’t break down like toilet paper at all. There is a reason that they are advertised as “durable.” They do not absorb moisture like toilet paper and it takes much more agitation to get them to go down the pipes, so don’t ever flush them.

Don’t Dispose of Eggshells Down Drain

Eggshells makes a great addition to compost or your garbage bin, but they do not fare well when they are sent down the sink drain. They shouldn’t be ground up in the garbage disposal either. You are better off putting them in the trash.

Household Chemicals Should Not Be Released in the Drain

There are many things like paint, cleaners and car fluids that are often flushed down drains. These harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the water supply though and should be dealt with accordingly. It is best to find other ways to deal with these chemicals rather than flushing them down the drain.

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