Using Chemical Liquid Drain Cleaner is a Bad Idea in Douglaston, NY; Can Damage Pipes & More

Getting a clog in a drain, especially in he bathroom is not only common, but an annoying thing to deal with. To remedy a clogged drain, it is it is often recommended that people rely on a plunger, muscle, and some patience. Conveniently placed on most department and grocery store shelves, are the liquid drain cleaners too many homeowners are programmed to reach for unfortunately. These products are marketed to have you believe they are the “go-to” method to taking care of any drain clog and is the best solution to combat your obstructed drains. Most professionals stay clear of the liquid cleaners and recommend their customers avoid them. These chemical solutions are nowhere near as effective as you have been brainwashed to think and most of these products are actually more harmful to your plumbing then beneficial. Additionally, they are often highly toxic, which causes a negative impact on the environment. With this in mind, we at The Original $49.95 Plumber would like to elaborate further on why you should avoid liquid drain cleaner.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Ineffective

A more accurate representation, sometimes drain cleaners are also known as drain openers. Unlike a professional plumber with a drain snake or a hydro jet would, the products doesn’t completely remove the clog, but it can cut through them. The cleaner often adds to the buildup in the pipes, which only creates a new clog that causes you to reach for the liquid drain cleaner again.

Liquid Drain Cleaner Can Damage Pipes

In order to cut through the clogs that give you the illusion it is working, the liquid drain cleaners comprise of acid compounds. As the acid melts through the clog it it also corrodes the metal and plastic drainpipes, and as we mentioned earlier, the chemical lingers in the pipes which continue to eat away at the pipe and weakens it. This leaves your pipes susceptible to breaks and leaks where the chemicals left them week. With the heavier clogs, the chemical drain cleaner will rest in your pipes, which impacts it even worse.

Caustic Drain Cleaners are Hazardous

It goes without saying that these products are highly toxic, making them very hazardous, due to the acidic content of being capable of eating through clogs plastic and even metal piping. Lye and sulfuric acid and other chemicals that can be harmful on your skin or anywhere near your eye, are common ingredients in these products. The vapors that rise in the air can be harmful, after you have poured the liquid drain cleaner down the drain, which aggravates your eyes and respiratory system.

Drain Cleaners are Harmful to the Environment

It is highly likely to negatively impact the environment when you use a chemical that is hazardous to your health and can damage your plumbing. After you have finished with it, some of the product residues will remain behind in the bottle. After you tossed it, the container deposited into a landfill where the chemical seeps into the ground, where it can potentially end up in groundwater where acidic chemicals will harm the nature.

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